Zendaya’s fluffy ethereal princess hair is proof we’re reclaiming frizz as beautiful

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Zendaya's ethereal fluffy hair is reclaiming frizzGetty Images

For too long 'frizz' has been a dirty word in the hair world. With fluffy voluminous hair consigned to the 'before' photo of hair product or tool. Well, we say no more! And so does our queen, Zendaya. Now, we aren't saying you can't stop seeking sleek smooth hair, each to their own. Not everyone has to love frizz, but there is a frizz revolution on the way for 2024 and we are here👏🏽for👏🏽it👏🏽.

zendaya with long fluffy hair and a beige woven fringed gown
Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Experts are predicting big things for long fluffy curls and Diana Ross-worthy volume and we're already starting to see it on the red carpet on the likes of Anya Taylor Joy and of course, Z. She's donned the look again at the 2024 Green Carpet Fashion Awards, and we are MESMERISED.

Honestly, trying to choose photos of this gorgeous, ethereal, tumbling princess hair was so hard because it looked incredible. We know frizz doesn't always look this glamorous, but it delivers volume, texture, drama, and real versatility. Justice for frizz! And no, we don't need to use another word for it.

the 2024 green carpet fashion awards arrivals
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The beautifully teased-out curls were created by stylist and hair brand founder, Tai Simon. And let me tell you, if I won the lottery, I wouldn't tell anyone but there would be signs... and the signs would be my hair being done by this woman.

2024 green carpet fashion awards
Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

And my makeup being done by the talent behind this glam, Raoúl Alejandre. In fact, I'd probably just tour LA, NYC and London visiting all my dream artisans of glam for a few months. So the signs wouldn't be subtle, but maybe I'd look a little more like Zendaya😍

But back to the point... frizz is not a dirty word.

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