Zandra Rhodes is releasing a memoir inspiring others to live life to the fullest

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A Zandra Rhodes memoir is coming soonHearst Owned

A book exploring the life and legacy of Dame Zandra Rhodes is coming soon. Iconic, My Life in Fashion in 50 Objects, promises to be an insightful memoir from the legendary British designer, detailing her contributions to the fashion industry, her inimitable personal style and her commitment to creativity.

The book, which is co-written with Harper's Bazaar contributing editor Ella Alexander, will launch in the summer. In it, Rhodes' memories and stories are told via a variety of mementos and curiosities collected over the course of her life, spanning rockstars to royalty and everything in-between.

"It has been truly incredible to work alongside Ella Alexander to create this special and deeply personal memoir," says Rhodes. "Telling my story by revisiting objects which are integral to my life’s journey is what makes Iconic such a unique read. I hope it will inspire others to follow their hopes and dreams and live life to its fullest."

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The designer has been a fixture of the British fashion industry for more than five decades, opening her first boutique in 1967 – an event attended by crowds of people, including Joe Coker singing With a Little Help with My Friends, shutting down the Fulham Road in the process. Throughout her career she formed friendships with the likes of Diana Vreeland and Karl Lagerfeld, and dressed everyone from Freddie Mercury to Princess Diana, Debbie Harry and Diana Ross – all fans of her vibrant signature aesthetic, one that has firmly stood the test of time.

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Rhodes in her studio in 1965Graham Morris - Getty Images

"Zandra Rhodes has led an incredible life and it has been a privilege to help tell her story for the first time," says Alexander. "Iconic will explore how she changed the course of fashion history, but it’s ultimately about an incredibly determined, fearless, working-class young woman who worked supernaturally hard to become and remain one of the most influential designers in the world. Iconic is a tale of perseverance, self-belief and how to run at life full throttle."

Iconic, My Life in Fashion in 50 Objects will be published on 18 July 2024 and is available for pre-order now.

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