Zadkovich sees red over record ALM dismissals

The A-League Men is on track to smash its red-card record, and Glory coach Ruben Zadkovich says it's the referees who are largely to blame.

Glory defender Jordan Elsey received a red card just 93 seconds into Friday night's 1-0 win over Western Sydney.

Elsey was sent off for a studs-up challenge from behind on Wanderers star Yeni Ngbakoto, who clutched at his achilles after the incident.

It was the second-fastest dismissal in ALM history, narrowly behind the 62-second red card handed down to then-Melbourne Victory goalkeeper Ante Covic in November 2011.

The Wanderers also saw red, with defender Tomislav Mrcela given his marching orders in the 84th minute for holding back Glory striker David Williams with only the goalkeeper to beat.

Those two red cards took the season's tally to 41 - matching the record set in the 2010/11 campaign.

With most teams having six or seven more regular season games remaining, that figure is set to grow significantly.

On average, there have been 0.32 red cards dished out per game - by far the highest the league has ever experienced.

Zadkovich is not happy about the situation.

"Football has gone too far the other way," he said.

"It makes it too much about the referees. In the A-League, you've only got to look at the stats this year about the amount of red cards and the amount of suspensions.

"That's becoming a huge talking point - referees and decisions. They need to stay out of the game a little bit and let the guys play."

Wanderers coach Marko Rudan was of a different opinion.

"There's been a lot (of red cards), that's for sure. But we're all made aware of the rules," Rudan said.

"It's not a matter of how many there's been and if it's history made with the number that has been dished.

"It's about being consistent and playing to the letter of the law, which they've been doing.

"I've got no qualms about that."

Zadkovich felt Elsey's tackle, which happened after just 57 seconds, did not warrant a red card.

"It looks like he caught him on the back of the leg," he said.

"The (Wanderers) player has continued the game, he's not hurt.

"There's a lot of commotion around the challenge. For me, it's not a red card. It might be a yellow card.

"But to send him off in the first minute for a challenge like that ... ruins the game."

Not surprisingly, Rudan felt referee Alex King made the right decision, adding he also had no qualms about Mrcela's dismissal.

"It's a red every day of the week," Rudan said.

"I'm not sure why the player did what he did. We've seen enough of those situations and those types of tackles from behind with your studs up.

"If my player did that, I would have sat down and not said a word. It's clear."