Zach Braff felt instant chemistry with "beautiful" French Girl co-star

Zach Braff has revealed he felt instant chemistry with his French Girl co-star Evelyne Brochu.

The new film follows hopeless romantic Gordon (Braff), who has his proposal plans upended when his girlfriend gets a job offer in her hometown of Quebec. Determined to keep their love alive, he heads to her hometown, and finds himself out of depth with her French family.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Braff spoke about forming chemistry with co-star Evelyne Brochu, who plays Sophie, saying it was "instant".

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"She’s so charming and obviously so beautiful and she speaks in that French accent and your eyes go wide. We just really liked each other, we clicked," he recalled.

"I think if the stars don’t have that connection and really like each other the magic doesn’t work and I just think that from the second we met we just clicked."

Brochu added: "Absolutely and I think James [A Wood] and Nic [Wright], our co-directors and co-writers, have also a great talent in bringing people together.

"So just like in the movie, there was a lot of food, a lot of restaurants, there was a celebratory vibe to the way they brought us together and kept us together and the way we just didn’t want to let each other go and stay together after the days of shooting.

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"We really enjoyed Montreal altogether and I think that permeates through the screen."

Brochu also revealed that Braff gave her "a wonderful knife" as a gift on set.

"He walked around Montreal and found the best knife shop and I still cook with it and it’s like the highest-quality Japanese knife... I make Tuesday night dinners and every time I’m like, 'I can’t chop my finger off, but my god this knife, it works so well'."

French Girl is available to rent or buy in the UK from Prime Video, iTunes and more.

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