Do Yourself A Favor And Always Get Costco's Seasonal Products Early

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Costco may be seen as a one-stop shop for many of your daily essentials like groceries, vitamins, and even furniture. However, when it comes to its seasonal items, you may want to act fast because once products for a specific holiday sell out, you likely won't see them again until the following year.

The start of the holiday festivities in stores seems to be creeping up earlier each year, with many frequent Costco shoppers expecting to see holiday decor at least a season in advance. One Reddit user posted about this, saying "It's July 9th today and Costco already has Halloween decorations." Interestingly, many commenters were not surprised by this at all, noting that being ahead of the seasons meant that Christmas decor would arrive in late August to early September.

Of course, when the fall items, Christmas decorations, and festive treats start popping up before summer is over, it's understandable that consumers might choose to pass them by. Technically, there is still plenty of time before those holidays are in full swing. However, jumping on these products early -- when they first arrive -- is a smart Costco shopping tip because you won't run the risk of a product selling out and not getting restocked.

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Try To Embrace The Holiday Sales Creep

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The best way to approach holiday shopping at Costco is to embrace the items as they come, even if it's earlier than you find necessary. If you see something you like, don't wait around.

Costco store manager Robert Kyle told Epicurious that the seasonal items at Costco are "the first in, first out," adding that "We'll be totally out of Christmas [products] by mid-December." Since these products are not part of the store's regular inventory, there is a cost incentive to avoid stocking an excessive amount of specific holiday items. While other stores mark down unsold Halloween costumes or leftover Christmas decor after the holidays have passed, Costco makes an effort to avoid this by selling out early and not restocking.

While this approach makes sense for the store, it can be extremely inconvenient for those last-minute holiday shoppers. If you go to Costco a week before Christmas in hopes of stocking up on the underrated Costco holiday desserts or the adorable Christmas trains, you'll likely be disappointed. So, while it may not be ideal to start your holiday shopping in July, your future self will thank you.

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