Young brothers mimic Roger Federer's technique and ace it

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Two young brothers from Japan have gained fame after mimicking Roger Federer in front of the TV in their lounge room.

Six-year-old Yunosuke and four-year-old brother Koukirou have amassed more than 10,000 Instagram followers for their near-flawless technique of the 20-time Grand Slam champ.

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But instead of the pair showing it off on the court, the pair practice watching the maestro on TV.

The video shows six-year-old Yunosuke hopping, moving and hitting in the same manner as Federer does during a match.

Six-year-old Yunosuke mimicking Roger Federer. (Image: @kosuke.o4o5)

Videos on the account show the kids watching Federer during training as well.

Many tennis fans will be keeping an eye on the pair considering the serious skills they show on the court as well.

Despite Federer turning 38 this year, the boys have plenty more to look forward to with the Swiss maestro already announcing he will play in the four majors in 2020.