Young angler, 13, to 'fish for England'

A young fisher from Bristol has been selected to represent his country in the Youth Angling World Championships.

Thirteen-year-old Charlie Isaacs will compete in the England under-15 squad in Serbia in August.

Following a series of assessments during March and April, managers of the Angling Trust selected Charlie for the team.

Charlie said: "I couldn't believe it, it was the happiest I've ever been".

Talking to the BBC at Bitterwell Lake, the youngest member of the squad said he did not expect to make it this year.

"This year was a bonus," he said.

"I think it was really hard to get in this year and I did it."

Charlie holds a fish he's caught while sitting by the lake
Charlie says he "thinks about angling every day" [BBC]
Charlie Isaacs sitting on the end of the pier with his fishing gear
Charlie Isaacs has been fishing since he was just four years old [BBC]

Charlie's father, Paul Isaacs, said he "nearly fell over" when Charlie's name was announced.

"I couldn't quite believe they said his name to be honest, because I geared him up that it wasn't going to be this year," he said.

"When they said his name it meant so much."

Mr Isaacs said that even before he had children he wanted his son to fish for England.

He said: "It gives him a massive opportunity.

"It isn't just about this year, this is about the beginning of his international career."

Peter Isaacs looking at the camera with the lake and Charlie fishing behind him
Peter Isaacs, Charlie's father, said he has always wanted a son that fished for England [BBC]

Charlie, who has been fishing since he was four, said the sport is good for managing stress and "working things out".

"What I like about it is coming to the bank, a stress free mind and just catching as many fish as you can," he added.

The young angler, whose favourite fish is a Tench, said people tend to think fishing is mostly luck.

He said: "It's how your rig is, how it goes in the water, how you are holding your poles.

"It's not just luck chucking it in the water and the fish takes it, it's all these different things you've got to do to get a bite."

Charlie said he does not like to eat lake fish, preferring to release this catch.

He said: "It's really nice, you can give them a nice little kiss."

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