'Yet another kick in the face'

Everton fan voice banner
Everton fan voice banner

Briony Bragg, This Fan Girl

Well, what a few days as an Evertonian.

Yes, we admitted our guilt. The fact one of the founding members of the football league is even in this position is testament to the incompetence and sheer ineptitude of a once 'revered' Everton board.

But guess who pays for their actions and a rule breach that gained no sporting advantage? The fans, the players and the manager. Those with no involvement in any of it. Those who have banded together and dragged this team up above the line.

It is yet another kick in the face for a fanbase who were finally starting to see cohesiveness on the pitch. We really could see a worry-free season ahead, and that is testament to Sean Dyche and his team.

But if there is anything the ruling will do, then it will bring Evertonians completely and utterly together. Fan group the 1878s had already raised more than £20,000 not even 24 hours after the ruling for banners and flags that can show our disgust in the days to come.

Our response will be heard.

We are the wrong fans to mess with.

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