Yea or nay? Rams unveil bright, bold new uniforms

The Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new uniforms on Wednesday, and there’s good news for Rams fans: The helmets and jerseys are finally the same color.

Matching blue tones is just one aspect of the new uniforms, which is the final step in the Rams’ rebranding after unveiling a new logo and new team colors earlier this year. The ensemble is bright and bold with jersey options in royal blue or “bone,” and pants in three colors. The jersey numbers now use a rounded font, and the numbers on the royal blue version are colored with a yellow gradient.

The helmet is also brand new. While it used to be a dark blue (a different blue than the jerseys, for some inexplicable reason) with either a yellow or white ram horn on both sides, it now matches completely with the jersey and includes the same curled horn from the Rams’ new logo.

Wide receiver Robert Woods was especially delighted by the new threads, giving his Twitter followers a peek at what his uniform will look like in every iteration.

Woods wasn’t the only happy Rams player on Wednesday. Many of his teammates were absolutely thrilled with the new uniforms.

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