Yankees minor-league team trolls Astros with mini trash can giveaway

Yankees minor-league team trolls Astros with mini trash can giveaway

If the New York Yankees are harboring any resentment against the Houston Astros for the sign-stealing scandal, the Yankees aren’t showing it. But one of their minor-league teams has no such reservations.

The Staten Island Yankees will hold a special giveaway when the team takes on the Tri-City Valley Cats — an Astros affiliate — in 2020. When the two teams meet on Sept. 3, the Yankees will give away mini trash cans to their fans.

That is, pretty obviously, a reference to the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. Astros players banged on a garbage can near the field to let teammates know what pitches were coming.

Major League Baseball investigated the team, and handed down its punishment Monday. Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch were both suspended one year. Both men were later fired by the team. The Astros were also stripped of some high draft picks and fined $5 million.

Some current and former MLB players have taken the opportunities to give their takes on the scandal, calling out the Astros for cheating. While opponents will likely continue making similar comments throughout the season, no MLB team will plan a giveaway based on the Astros’ scandal.

That level of petty can only be pulled off in the minor leagues. Astros fans are just going to have to take their lumps and hope everyone moves on soon.


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