XFL in-game sideline interviews kick off in style with f-bomb by Dragons' Dillon Day

Dillon Day dropped an f-bomb on ABC during a sideline interview. (Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Athletes are often given a cool-down period of some sort before talking to the media. In the XFL, which played its first games on Saturday, there was no such thing for Seattle Dragons center Dillon Day.

Seattle visited the DC Defenders to play the first game of the new league, which aired on ABC as part of major television agreements given to the unestablished organization. There are a few variations from the NFL in terms of rules and accessibility.

One of those happens to be sideline interviews with players as they walk off the field. Dianna Russini’s first conversation with a kicker who missed went well. The one following with Day, who had gotten flagged for a post-whistle skirmish, did not go as swimmingly.

The censors weren’t able to catch the sudden f-bomb in time and instead bleeped out the rest of his sentence.

“We’re trying to make some stuff happen and there’s some extra pushing and shoving. We’re trying to get a f—ing job done and just-”

It’s a fun idea to give viewers an immediate look at what happened on a key play or insight into what may be in the game plan later on. But doing it live isn’t always going to net the best results, especially when the players aren’t used to having to censor themselves. Then again, it might just be what people tune in for.

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