Xbox boss thinks Starfield can last as long as Skyrim

Xbox boss thinks Starfield can last like SkyrimBethesda Softworks

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has stated that Starfield could last as long as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The highly-anticipated upcoming Xbox and PC exclusive comes from Bethesda Game Studios, which is behind The Elder Scrolls series and had a runaway hit with Skyrim, which continues to be popular to this day thanks to a huge modding community and seemingly endless re-releases on new platforms.

Speaking to IGN, Spencer shared his belief that Starfield could have a similar longevity for Bethesda, which Microsoft now owns.


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"I don't want to disclose what the team has been thinking about," he said, "but obviously, when you're BGS and you've seen the legs and the support that Skyrim gets, even today when you look at what the modders have done, it went into the thinking about what Starfield should be and proof will be out in terms of how people receive the game.

"But our hope is that it is another game that's around a decade plus longer, later after it launches, and people are still enjoying it."

Interestingly, Spencer also told the publication that the game is more like Oblivion (the fourth main Elder Scrolls game) than it is like Skyrim, although he didn't elaborate on why.

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Oblivion is known for having more depth to its customisation, and combat that is more consistently challenging and less easy to break, in comparison to Skyrim. Maybe that's what he's referring to?

Spencer also revealed that he's probably played about 200 hours of Starfield so far, although he's had to restart about 15 times due to getting new builds of the game to try out.

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