'Just be rich': Ronda Rousey under fire over coronavirus 'brag'

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Ronda Rousey has been slammed on social media after seemingly lecturing people about the importance of always being prepared for situations such as the coronavirus crisis.

The WWE star took to social media on Friday to urge people to “learn from” the coronavirus outbreak and be “more self sufficient”.

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The 33-year-old, who lives on a sustainable ranch with her husband Travis Browne, told followers her “panic shopping list” doesn't exist.

“Our coronavirus panic shopping list is: Nonexistent,” she wrote on Instagram.

Ronda Rousey at a WWE event in 2018. (ALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

“It's no secret I've been a proud preppier for years - but let's all learn from this pandemic panic and be a little more self sufficient and prepared in the future.

“Taking steps to live sustainably takes time but ultimately saves money, permanently eliminates water and power bills, reduces our carbon footprint, and is just plain healthier.

“Start small! Just start! Let’s stop panicking and start preparing! Stay safe out there and #StayRowdyMyFriends!”

She also posted a number of videos showing off her solar panels, vegetable patch, fruit trees and water tanks.

Fans slam Rousey over coronavirus ‘brag’

While some users and friends welcomed Rousey’s advice, others felt she was simply ‘bragging’ about her fortunate position.

Many slammed the idea that the average Joe could follow Rousey’s lead given her substantial bank balance.

“Helps to be rich, A lot of people can barely afford rent,” one user commented o Instagram.

Another user added: “Not everyone has millions of dollars. Real humble and classy Ronda.”

She was also slammed on Twitter.

Rousey also said: “All joking aside, me and Trav love to preach about sustainability...

“It's not just because of being good for the environment, and good for our health, and good for our finances, but it's also good to be prepared.

“If you're prepared, there's no need to panic, and I think we should all learn from this coronavirus panic.

“Be a little more prepared next time, just in case something more serious happens, you know?”