'Worst penalty ever': Swansea star's embarrassing moment

Swansea’s Bersant Celina had an unfortunate moment to forget in his side’s 2-0 loss to West Brom in the EFL Championship overnight.

Trailing 1-0 shortly before half-time, Swansea got an opportunity to square the ledger before the break when Mike van der Horn went down in the box.

Celina, once a star with Manchester City, stepped up to take the penalty – but completely flubbed it.

The 22-year-old seemed to slip as he tried to make contact with the ball, leaving it dribbling for a few metres before West Brom’s Chris Brunt to clear the ball easily.

Brunt got in Celina’s ear straight way after the awful penalty.

Bersant Celina of Swansea City slips while taking a penalty kick. (Photo by Malcolm Couzens/Getty Images)

Unfortunately for Celina, his opponent wasn’t the only one to give it to him after the failed shot.

The young gun copped plenty of ribbing on Twitter for his efforts.

Things continued to get worse for Celina and Swansea after the gaffe.

West Brom delighted their home fans by finding the back of the net again in the second half, delighting their fans with a 2-0 win.