'By far the worst heavyweight fight I've ever seen'

The Derrick Lewis and Francis Ngannou heavyweight fight was poised to be a thriller when it was announced as the co-main event at UFC 226 – but it did not live up to the hype.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the fight was created by the fans, who started a Mexican wave and then started chanting “fight, fight, fight”.

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Referee Herb Dean had to call the fighters in to tell them to start engaging. Pic: Getty

At one stage in the second round, referee Herb Dean literally had to bring the fighters together to tell them they need to engage.

Throughout the broadcast Joe Rogan constantly questioned the performance of both fighters, and social media did not hold back either.

“This is so strange to watch,” Joe Rogan said in the broadcast.

“We might be looking at the most boring heavyweight decision of all time.”

The record for the least amount of strikes landed is 23, and the two fighters came extremely close when they were at 20 with 2 minutes left in the fight.

Francis Ngannou only landed a total of 11 strikes in the fight.

“This is going to be the weirdest decision ever,” Joe Rogan said.

“Would they both lose?”

Lewis won the fight via unanimous decision, but was shaking his head when he was announced as the winner.

“That is by far the worst heavyweight fight I’ve ever seen,” Rogan said after the decision.

“I am baffled by that last fight. (Ngannou) doesn’t need a trainer, he needs a sports psychologist.”