World Cup 2022: Australia v France match highlights

Match highlights of the Australia v France Group D match.

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Video transcript


- Alerted the referee to a potential error. That's a lovely touch by Leckie. And a chance and a goal!

- Oh!

- Craig Goodwin has scored!

- What a goal.

- Wonderful moment for Australia and a World Cup goal that dreams are made of.

- I don't see any foul there. Wow. What a start.

- Only his second goal for Australia.

Hernández. Good shape on the ball in! And the header's leveled things up. Adrien Rabiot. It's 1--

Pinpoint accuracy. And the execution spot on.

- Ben, look, it's disappointing.

- First time Ryan has worn the armband. Atkinson under pressure. Rabiot takes over. The cutback is on, and Giroud has scored his 50th international goal and has given France the lead inside half an hour of play. A fatal mistake of the back by Australia cost them dearly.

Dembélé. Near post! Mbappé scores. There it is. He was threatening in the first half. And Kylian Mbappé has scored his fifth World Cup Finals goal. The best young player four years ago.

France keen to add to their tally. A little drop of the shoulder there by Mbappé, and he's away. What pace and great quality. There it is. He's matched the record. Olivier Giroud at the double, and he draws level with Thierry Henry. History at the Al Janoub for France.