World Athletics Championships 2023: Jamaica's Andrew Hudson runs with glass in his eye after buggy crash

Jamaica's Andrew Hudson was left with shards of glass in his eye after two buggies transporting athletes crashed at the World Athletics Championships.

The buggies, used to take athletes from the training centre to the stadium in Budapest, collided on Thursday.

One was carrying 200m runner Hudson and his competitors, including American world champion Noah Lyles, leading their heat to be delayed by 30 minutes.

"A bunch of glass went into my right eye," Hudson, who finished fifth, said.

"My eyesight is pretty blurry every time I open my eye."

The event's local organising committee is investigating the incident, with a volunteer also receiving treatment.

Men's 100m champion Lyles went on to win the semi-final in 19.76 seconds to qualify for Friday's final.

Hudson, who was seen covering his right eye immediately after the crash, said: "I was trying to get the glass out of my eye.

"I went back to medical, the doctor said I had some shards of glass in it.

"He tried to push it out as best as possible.

"World Athletics asked me if I was going to run or not. It was kind of run or lose my spot. I worked so hard to be here, so I thought I would at least try.

"It is my first World Championships so it's going to be memorable... maybe I'd better walk next time."

Hudson, 26, was later moved through to the final by referee's decision.