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Woman's 'guilty pleasure' snack wins over TikTok: 'The opposite of almond mom'

One woman’s recent TikTok is basically the antithesis of all the almond moms out there, and some people have gone so far as to call it “healing.”

In it, @golisdream shares a late-night snack she’s currently obsessed with, which involves two things we all know and love but would never think to put together: Fruit Roll-Ups and ice cream.

In the video, @golisdream explains that she buys Fruit Roll-Ups in bulk and then unravels one when she’s ready to have the snack. Then, she opens her freezer and pulls out some ice cream (her favorite is mango, but she says most flavors would work) and takes a generous scoop. Finally, she places the ice cream in the middle of the Fruit Roll-Up and wraps the whole thing up like a little burrito.

Because the ice cream has been in the freezer, it instantly makes the Fruit Roll-Up freeze up, too. So when @golisdream bites into the snack, it’s like a sweet little frozen surprise.

“I just love the crunch,” she tells her followers.

So far, the video has received more than 10.5 million views and thousands of comments.

Many said they were pleasantly surprised by the snack when they tried it themselves.

“I gasped!” one person shared. “Didn’t expect the crunch factor!

“I was more fascinated by how the fruit roll-up froze so fast!” another admitted.

“How did I go my ENTIRE childhood not knowing that fruit rollups freeze so easily…?” someone else said.

A lot of people could foresee this becoming one of their own guilty pleasures, too.

“I’ve never wanted to try something so bad in my life,” one user said.

“See my problem is.. I would eat like 6 of these,” another added.

“Every one is stuck on the frozen fruit roll up and I’m stuck on how she only eats one every Saturday,” someone else confessed. “My no self control self could never.”

The TikToker also reignited an interesting debate about “almond moms” — and whether or not she was one.

“I love how she’s literally eating ice cream with a frozen fruit roll up & ppl are still calling her an ‘almond mom’ for saying ‘guilty pleasure,’” another person countered.

One person called her more of a “candy mom” than an “almond mom.”

“[She’s] the opposite of almond mom,” another person agreed, calling her snack video surprisingly “healing.”

This isn’t the first video to go viral on @golisdream’s account.

The popular mom influencer, who describes herself as an “age-defier” who’s “pleasantly happy” in her bio, has been sharing recipes for everything from appetizers to mains to desserts for a while now.

While some of her recipes definitely have some “healthified” aspects to them, most are simply meant to be hearty crowd-pleasers that the whole family will love.

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