Woman stirs controversy after ‘forcing’ husband to quit his job: ‘You’re such a terrible person’

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A mom-to-be plans to go back to work after having the baby while her husband stays at home, but her in-laws don’t approve.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice on the dilemma. She and her fiancé are expecting their first child. While he makes around $800 a week, she makes $1,800. It seemed sensible that she return to work and he stays at home once the baby was born. Despite their shared enthusiasm for the setup, his parents were totally unsupportive

“Am I the A****** for ‘forcing’ my fiancé to quit his job that he loves? We decided daycare wasn’t an option due to price, location and not wanting to put a newborn into daycare,” she explained. “I’m planning on having the baby and going back to work. However, his family thinks it’s unfair that I’m making him quit his job that he loves to babysit, while I go off and work instead of looking after our son. In their eyes, the mother should be looking after the baby. They think it’s cruel and unnatural that he is going to be doing the caregiving and I’ll never bond with my child if we stick with this plan.”

The mom-to-be started to doubt her plans after her in-laws weighed in. 

“I’m starting to doubt our plans. Will going back to work make me a bad mom and is it wrong he is quitting his job,” the Reddit poster wrote. “My fiancé is in favor of staying home, it was his idea and he is super excited. His parents have brought up putting him in daycare near their place if I’m so against looking after him. Extra bit for information, he wants to start his own business and is going to try to use his time working on it. His family is also against this.”

Reddit users thought the couple’s arrangement was fine.

“You’re such a terrible person for forcing him to —checks notes — do something he really wants to do and was his idea in the first place,” one user commented

“You don’t babysit your own kid. It’s called parenting,” another said

“Your extended families have no say when it comes to your children’s daycare unless they’re directly involved,” someone wrote. 

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