'You can't do that': Furious debate over woman's 'rude' car park act

A woman has been blasted for her poor car park etiquette after she stood in a coveted beachfront space to reserve it.

In a video posted to TikTok that was filmed in Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, a driver trying to park in the space confronts the woman over her attempt to mind the spot

“Sorry, you can’t do that,” the woman in the car filming is heard saying on the video.

The other woman, who is standing in the parking space with a dog, ignores the driver and looks away.

A woman stands with her dog in a parking space in Mooloolaba.
The woman's car park act sparked a heated debate. Source: TikTok/@Marlimclaren

The driver persists and says, “I’m not moving, you can’t do that”.

The woman continues to snub the driver and is seen in the video waving over another car.

“Can you please move, you can’t save a park,” the driver yells out her window.

As the woman continues to stand there, another person approaches her to find out why she is refusing to move.

The woman can faintly be heard saying the driver she is waving over doesn’t like confrontation and is going to park elsewhere.

“So you can move?” the person off camera can be heard saying.

The driver filming says again, “yes, can you please move”.

As the woman and her dog move from the parking space, she walks over to the driver and asks why she is being filmed.

“Because you can’t do that,” the driver says before the woman threatens to call the police.

Woman’s act sparks heated debate

The woman’s act divided TikTok users, with some slamming the woman while others said she could reserve the park.

“I can’t believe someone can be so rude,” one wrote.

“There are so many Karens on the coast it’s deadly,” another said.

“I don’t know why people think they can just stand there. That is wrong and I hope she knows that for next time,” somebody else commented.

Others however said the driver should have just let the woman reserve the park.

A generic view of a carpark in Mooloolaba.
The car park in Mooloolaba where the confrontation took place. Source: Google Maps

“I would just let her have it, some battles aren’t worth fighting,” one said.

“She was there first,” another person defending the woman claimed.

“I’ve done that before and no it’s not illegal. At the end of the day just drive away instead of arguing, it’s really easy,” a third added.

Is reserving car spaces allowed?

While it is not illegal to reserve car spaces in Australia, the NRMA condemned the act in a blog post on its website about carpark etiquette.

“When you see this happening, it’s a sure sign that the car park has reached peak rudeness,” the NRMA said.

“It should go without saying that a passenger or friend can’t claim a spot by standing in it.

“This is extremely anti-social carpark etiquette and is sure to raise temperatures and lead to an unhealthy confrontation.”

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