Woman says she was given ‘ultimatum’ after boss told her to ‘put more effort into socializing’: 'I’m paid to do my job'

We all have our reasons for leaving a bad gig. However, one woman claims she resigned from a position for not making small talk.

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A job recruiter on TikTok claimed that nothing will make you “more hated” in a corporate environment than avoiding small talk. This prompted the user @moodynomad333 to share one of her experiences. While working in the marketing department of an architecture firm, it became clear she wasn’t a “cultural fit.”

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While she’s no fan of small talk, socializing with her coworkers just didn’t seem practical. They were all friends from school or previous jobs, and she felt like an outsider.

“It’s the reason they gave me an ultimatum, saying that if I didn’t put more effort into socializing, into being a team player, I was going to get fired,” she explained.

The issue was her coworkers would regularly hang out with each other, but she had a “life outside of work” and would “skip the happy hour.” Every day she would come in, greet the receptionist, then go straight to her desk to work. Apparently, this was a problem.

“I was there for eight hours a day why would I want to spend two or three more hours drinking with people that I wasn’t even friends with? I also despise small talk. It makes me physically uncomfortable,” she said.

People shared their experiences with mandatory socialization.

“I’m paid to do my job, I’ll start socializing when they start paying me for it,” a person wrote.

“They want you to be friends so you’ll stay at work longer for free,” another said.

“What I learned is that working an office job being productive and actually doing your job isn’t that important,” someone commented.

“I actually think I’m thriving working from home because the social aspect of being in the office was so anxiety-inducing to me as well,” a TikToker replied.

“I worked as a receptionist on contract. The supervisor told me the reason why my contract was not extended was because I was too quiet,” another added.

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