TikToker calls out boyfriend for sending her a multi-page ‘breakup letter’: ‘It’s like 7 pages’

A woman was stunned when her boyfriend tricked her into reading a 7-page breakup letter.

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TikToker @karlavelarde1234 went viral after posting the longest breakup letter ever. The issue wasn’t that her boyfriend decided to end the relationship; it was what he told her before she read his message.

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“Me being exciting thinking my boyfriend wrote me a letter… but he said surprise it’s a breakup letter,” the video text read.

She rifled through the stapled pages that had huge paragraphs of block text.

“He told me a surprise was awaiting me at home,” she explained in the comment section. “But now it was a breakup letter and a magic-trick-looking suitcase with all my s*** in it.”

She added, “I was so excited he had finally put in the work. The letdown.”

The video racked up 6 million views. People had some thoughts on how her boyfriend handled things.

“I’d annotate it and give it right back, LMFAO,” someone commented.

“Honestly, I wish someone would’ve done this for me,” another said.

“So when people say they want closure, this is what I assume they mean,” a person wrote.

“That’s a resignation letter,” a user added.

“He couldn’t even indent the beginning of his paragraphs. You’re better off,” a TikToker replied.

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