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Woman raids her mother-in-law’s closet in the U.K., unearths ‘treasure trove’ of ’90s and early ’00s pieces: ‘MIL is a baddie’

A TikTok influencer and internet personality is showing off her haul of clothes after raiding her mother-in-law’s closet.

On Aug. 24, Arden Rose (@arden_rose), who rose to fame as a YouTuber, posted a video on TikTok in which she reveals that she “raided” her mother-in-law Jacquie D’s closet. Rose is engaged to British filmmaker and YouTuber Will Darbyshire.

“Guys, it happened. I’m in the U.K. and I raided my mother-in-law’s closet,” Rose says before showing off her first outfit, which consists of a “vintage” Abercrombie & Fitch miniskirt. “Can I just say real quick? So this is an Abercrombie skirt. Who is surprised? From 2006. She told me that she wore this when she was 40 to go pick up the kids from school.”

Added Rose, “And I just have to say, that is some of the most iconic behavior that I’ve ever heard…I am so proud to be marrying into this family.”

Next, Rose tries on a Miu Miu skirt from the ’90s that her MIL “wore religiously,” followed by a black-and-white printed dress by Ella Moss that’s allegedly “no longer in production.”

After raiding Jacquie D’s “jean cupboard” from the early aughts, Rose unearthed a particularly classic pair of ankle jeans by Citizens of Humanity. She then tries on a pair of jeggings.

“When was the last time you put on a jegging? Just absolutely insane to me how much I’m genuinely enjoying wearing a jegging again,” she says. “I’m just very comfortable.”

‘Something about the mini skirt and [to] know her name is Jacquie D. makes me happy’

Many TikTok users, based on their comments, are envious or Rose’s new collection of clothes courtesy of her “baddie” mother-in-law. Some creators have grown invested in Jacquie D as a person, and are even requesting a reveal.

“As a British person feeling pure jealousy I need a reveal of will’s mum PLS,” @effiicat wrote.

“MIL is a baddie,” @kimchigoggles wrote, to which Rose replied, “Was true then, is true now.”

“Something about the mini skirt and [to] know her name is Jacquie D. makes me happy,” @sjosf commented.

Rose’s haul seems to be the latest viral installment in the ongoing trend of Gen Z and millennial creators trying on authentic vintage clothing items worn by older generations. Gen Z creators, especially, have been taking to TikTok to showcase their mom’s dress collections from the ’80s or ’90s, request help from other creators in identifying quintessentially ’90s or ’00s brands, and more.

On Aug. 24, the same day she posted her first video, Rose uploaded a second part showcasing Jacquie D’s shoe collection, starting with her “ready to wear” boots.

“I have been searching for the perfect, just, like, daily wear, slightly smaller heeled boot and I found them in Jacquie’s closet,” reveals Rose. “These are the boots I’ve been searching every thrift shop for, for weeks, months, even, trying to find that perfect sort of mid-calf boot that you can run around in without it being super uncomfortable.”

Rose claims she gasped upon finding her second pair of boots, which are vintage Kurt Geiger from the late ’90s.

“What? Guys, I’ve already tried to wear these out in London once because I was so obsessed with them when I saw them, and I got the worst blisters of my life,” she says. “But I will continue to get blisters just so I can look this cool, because what the hell?…These are literally the perfect boot.”

Last up are two pairs of sandals by Sigerson Morrison and Kurt Geiger, both of which were purchased in the ’90s.

“It’s not even a question. These are so adorable,” she says of the Kurt Geiger pair. “For a little cute summertime shoe for L.A., for fall in L.A.”

Rose ended the video with a quick thank you to Jacquie D.

“Thank you again, times a million to Jacquie D for keeping me fed, for keeping me clothed, for keeping me in good style,” she says. “I’m just hashtag blessed. I’m hashtag blessed.”

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