Woman notices ‘unknown’ charge on grocery store receipt: ‘This is a warning’

A woman is warning people to always check their grocery store receipts after a bizarre incident at the store.

TikToker Julia Taylor said she had heard of similar scams before but ignored them because she assumed they were fake. But recently, she learned “this stuff actually happens.”

After Taylor made a purchase at the grocery store, she noticed the total charge was a bit high. When she took a closer look, she was certain she was scammed.

Taylor used the Fetch app to scan her receipt when she saw a mysterious charge for $19.80. She knew she didn’t purchase anything that expensive, and the line item didn’t say what it was.

Fetch said it was a “universal unknown item.” This prompted her to talk to customer service. When they scanned the product number, all that came up was “n/a” or “not available.” The workers quickly gave her a refund, but no one knew what had happened.

“This is a warning to check your receipts,” Taylor said. “Because if it was $5 I wouldn’t have noticed. But scammers still get away with stuff like that.”

“It’s true I was a cashier this happened a lot the only time we realized it was when a customer pointed it out to us,” a user wrote.

“I always do self checkout whenever I can because I’ve had people charge me for multiple things,” someone added.

“Thank you for the PSA!! I’m going to start checking my receipts now,” a person commented.

“I check every receipts every time. So many times there’s been double charges or something,” another replied.

“My mom would always look at the register while I would put the bags in the cart. She would still check the receipt in the end. I also do the same now,” a TikToker said.

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