Woman mocked for being a ‘buzzkill’ and ‘ruining’ dinner party: ‘Your friends are entitled’

A 25-year-old opted out of eating during a birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant. Now, her friends are furious.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her friends, Jane and Liz, planned a birthday dinner for their mutual friend Kate. The dinner would be at a local steakhouse, costing $15-$20 per person.

But on the day of the dinner, Liz picked the woman up with the caveat that they had changed the restaurant. Liz wouldn’t reveal what it was, saying it was a surprise.

“As we get seated at the table and get the menus, my heart sank,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I realize that this restaurant is a minimum of a $100 per person. I’m struggling a lot financially and there was no way I could afford this. If I paid for this meal I would have not been able to pay my bills.”

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Riddled with anxiety, she told her friends she couldn’t eat or drink because she wasn’t feeling well. They then began to mock her, calling her a “buzzkill” and accusing her of “ruining” the party.

After the dinner, Liz confronted the woman about the incident. The woman confessed the truth, and Liz became angry. She insisted the Reddit poster “should have just told her at the restaurant and she would have paid my bill and I could have paid her back over time.” But the Reddit poster didn’t want to spend that much on a single meal.

Redditors thought Liz and company were in the wrong here.

“Your friends are entitled,” a person wrote.

“Your friends seem callous if they are still angry after you explained,” someone said.

“You need new friends,” a person added.

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