'Very unsettling': Woman's eerie discovery under carpet of new home

A woman has uncovered an eerie basement hidden under the floor of her home a year after moving in.

The US-based woman bought the home about a year ago from a couple who she said were in a rush to move out.

She explained in a TikTok video she never had a house inspection, which is why she never realised there was a basement hidden under the floor until recently.

The woman has posted a series of videos under the username @unfortunateexistance to document what she found after pulling up the carpet.

In the first video the woman lifts up carpet and layers of padding to reveal a rusty door handle in the floor.

A woman films herself exploring a secret basement hidden in the floor of her home on TikTok
The woman didn't realise she had a basement until she ripped up the carpet. Source: TikTok/@unfortunateexistance

“When you pull the carpet off your floor and find a basement you never knew about,” she captioned the video.

"Moving into the house was so fast, the couple we bought it from were in a hurry to leave, they wanted to move, they sold it to us very cheap," she explained.

'It’s very unsettling'

The spooked mum posted several videos trying to work up the courage to explore the basement and told followers she wanted to wait until her baby daughter was out of the house and her boyfriend was with her before she went down the stairs.

“We were going to go down there and I was going film it, but there was a humming noise and my friends were freaked out and wanted to go home,’ she said in one video.

In another upload she admitted she was terrified of going into the basement alone.

“I’m not going to go down there, I’m pretty afraid, it’s very unsettling,” she said.

When she eventually summons the courage to head down the stairs into the basement, she discovers garbage, old furniture and mysterious red splatters on the floor.

However, it’s the several small passages scattered in the walls of basement that scares the homeowner the most.

“No, I’m not crawling through a hole in the wall … they look sketchy and gross … I don’t wanna be down here anymore,” she said before ending the video.

A TikTok user films as they explore their secret basement they just disocvered.
The homeowner filmed her bizarre basement discovery. Source: TikTok/@unfortunateexistance

'This is how horror films start'

Followers were just as creeped out by the eerie basement and the original video has received more than 20,000 comments.

“It was hiding for a reason. Close it back up lady,” one user said.

“That’s a murder basement, my friend,” another person commented.

Others speculated the basement may have been used for illegal activity in the past but the majority of followers are convinced it's something more sinister and likened it to the plot of a scary movie.

"That’s some ‘The Conjuring’ stuff right there," one spooked follower wrote.

"This is how horror films start, I’d leave," someone suggested.

The woman has promised to keep followers up to date with more TikTok videos as she explores more of the basement.

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