Woman’s magical Disneyland outfit results in her getting ‘dress-coded’: ‘I really didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it’

Another woman on TikTok has sparked controversy after sharing how she was dress-coded at Disneyland. What was unique about the violation was that it wasn’t the usual crop top or halter.

TikToker Ashley Aiello shared a video to explain her story and show the outfit that made Disneyland dress-code her.

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Aiello prefaced her outfit reveal by explaining that she runs a small business that sells Disney-themed clothing and accessories. Despite being a Disney fanatic, Aiello only gets to visit Disney “one to three times a year.” So, when Aiello can go to Disney, she uses the opportunity to take product photos for her shop. She was shocked when the staff dress-coded her.

“So, me being the extra person I am, I got a ball gown to take in front of the Disneyland castle for product photos with my daughter,” Aiello said, uncovering a photo of her in an elaborate green dress. “I’ve seen lots of influencers take pictures with ball gowns. I’ve done it before at Disney World. I really didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it!”

TikTokers flocked to the comment section to share their takes on why Aiello was dress-coded. Due to various security and safety risks, floor-length dresses are against Disney theme parks’ dress codes. According to Disneyland’s official website, “costumes may not reach or drag on the ground,” and layered costumes surrounding the entire body “may be subject to additional security screening.”

“That dress is so puffy! It can get caught up in between the rails of an attraction. … I think that’s the main problem!” one TikToker clarified.

“You can’t look like one of the characters as it’s against the rules. Too long to explain, but one reason is kidnappers,” another wrote.

Others expanded on the previous comment to share how adult cosplayers at Disney may confuse staff and young visitors. For this reason, there have been rules in place for years at Disney parks that adults cannot wear costumes. Disneyland’s website states, “Costumes may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older.”

“Disney says the reason they don’t allow adults to dress up is because it could ruin the magic for a child,” a TikTok user commented.

“I think its cause it looks too much like Ariel’s park gown,” another wrote.

Due to various internet trolls judging her unfamiliarity with Disneyland’s rules and attempting to ban her from Disney parks, Aiello shared a follow-up video to respond to the hateful comments.

“I was taking product photos for my small shop, in a princess dress with my daughter, living our best life. If I knew that this was a rule, I wouldn’t have done it,” Aiello said.

Viewers sympathized with Aiello’s side.

“Idk why people are getting so heated about it. You didn’t know. It was an honest mistake,” someone wrote,

“I don’t know why anybody would be mad at you over any of this. I think you took it well. You looked amazing,” another said.

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