Woman 'furious' in airport toilet before alleged murder

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Landing in Sydney at the end of a flight she boarded after learning her boyfriend was having an affair, Jenny Niguidula was said to be furious.

The man she's accused of murdering a week later told his sister as much after they landed from the Philippines, while Niguidula spent hours in the women's toilets at Sydney International Airport crying.

She later told police she refused to come out until he broke up with the other woman, before contacting his wife in the United States and informing her of the infidelity.

Niguidula has already pleaded guilty to assaulting 53-year-old Rhonie Apostol with a plastic lamp, and manslaughter over his death, however her latter plea has been rejected.

Her lawyers are running a partial defence of substantial impairment, requiring them to show Niguidula had a mental health condition so severe she could probably not control her actions or understand what she was doing at the time she allegedly murdered Mr Apostol.

Mr Apostol died in November 2019 at South Wentworthville in Sydney's west from a stab wound to the chest.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Taylor told the jury that began hearing the case on Monday the pair had been in a relationship since 2013 and Mr Apostol worked for Niguidula's company.

Mr Apostol's wife knew about the relationship but the couple had never divorced.

Mr Taylor expected witnesses to tell the jury Niguidula was "furious" after finding out about the affair, becoming more enraged the more she learned, including that she had been fooled into paying for things for the other woman's benefit.

His sister was expected to recall Mr Apostol describing Niguidula flying into "rages", then calming down, before remembering the affair, and raging again.

Paramedics who carried Mr Apostol's body from the shower recess of a granny flat where he lay bleeding could describe Niguidula walking away in silence when asked about blood in the bathroom, Mr Taylor said.

"It's fine, I fixed it, don't worry about that," paramedics were expected to recall Niguidula saying when asked about a gauze dressing on his chest.

Niguidula's barrister Andrew Boe encouraged the jury to keep an open mind.

"There is simply no evidence that captures precisely what happened in the hours before the deceased sustained the stab wound that killed him," Mr Boe said.

Niguidula also told police she was romantically involved with another man, who wanted her to pick him.

She made several calls to him on the morning of Mr Apostol's death, abusing him, telling him "you made me kill Rhonie for you".

"It is not part of the crown case that (he) did make her kill Rhonie," Mr Taylor said.

The trial continues.

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