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Woman claims baby chose her own name before she was even born

This mom claims she let her baby choose her own name—before she was even born!

Ashie (@ashieadams) is a parent and TikToker who decided to take an unconventional approach to naming her baby—she let her baby “choose” her own name before she was even born! Ashie revealed that she paid attention to “signs and synchronicities” in order to determine what her daughter wanted to be called.

“So before she was born, my daughter’s soul chose her name,” Ashie begins. “People ask me all the time, ‘If I want to know what my babies want to be named, how do I know?’”

The first step, Ashie explains, is looking out for “signs and synchronicities.” The second step? “Be delusional,” she jokes.

Then, she goes on to share the story of how her daughter “chose” her name. “The name we had picked out before we had our first daughter was always going to be Daisy,” Ashie explains. “And then I got pregnant and it immediately did not feel like her name.”

Ashie spoke with her husband, and he revealed that he’d had a dream in which their child was named Margaret. “It didn’t really sparkle with me immediately,” Ashie says. But she decided to keep an open mind and keep looking for signs and synchronicities that would make things clearer.

Almost immediately, Ashie began noticing strange coincidences that pointed to Margaret being the right name. “So I’m Googling what nicknames for Margaret might be to see if those felt any better, and I saw that randomly, a listed nickname for Margaret was Daisy because in French the word for ‘daisy’ is ‘marguerite,’” Ashie recalls. “I was like, ‘Okay, that feels a little synchronistic.’”

Ashie still wasn’t convinced until a few months later, when her friend shared that they’d recently heard a story about someone naming their child Mars. “I was like, ‘That is my baby’s name,’” she recalls. “I felt so deeply, I will be saying the name Mars 30 times a day for the rest of my life.”

But Ashie’s husband wasn’t convinced. As a compromise, the couple decided to name their daughter Margaret but call her Mars.

Ashie concludes the video by sharing one final twist! The day she found out she was pregnant, she drew an oracle card. At the time, she didn’t know what the card was trying to tell her. But then, she went back and looked at it, and realized it depicted the surface of the planet Mars!

Viewers applauded the mom’s unconventional naming technique and shared stories of their own.

“I found my daughter’s name in every crossword puzzle I did while pregnant,” one parent shared.

“My fourth baby literally yelled her name in my head while she was crowning. It wasn’t [even] a name we had on our list!” another viewer shared.

“This gave me chills! So amazing,” wrote another viewer.

Would you let your child choose their own name?

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