Woman catches catfish on Bumble after noticing unexpected detail about his texts: 'Something in my gut told me there was something off'

A woman realized she was being catfished by one of her dating app matches after receiving green texts messages from him.

While there are jokes — and even real studies — about the differences between Android and iPhone users, in this case Jocelyn (@jjustjocelyn) wasn’t turned off because she was texting an Android user, but by the fact that it contradicted something in the man’s Bumble profile.

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Jocelyn uploaded a video explaining that she had matched with a “good looking” guy named Myles and, after exchanging a few messages, decided to give Myles her phone number. Myles reached out to make dinner plans and Joceyln was confused by the green messages because Myles was clearly wearing an Apple Watch in one of the photos on his profile.

“What does green mean?” Jocelyn asked, referring to Myles’ texts. “It means he does not have an iPhone.”

While it’s not impossible to own an Android and wear an Apple Watch, pairing the two devices is not recommended because of the number of issues that will crop up with the two different operating systems. Plus, an Apple Watch needs to be connected to an iPhone during the initial setup.

Before replying to Myles’ text about dinner, Jocelyn decided to do some investigating.

“I do a reverse image search of some of the pictures that he used on his profile and what do we have here? An Instagram model from New York,” Jocelyn said. “I live in Ontario.”

Jocelyn’s video has since racked up over 1 million views since she posted it, with Bumble’s TikTok account even commenting an apology.

“We’re so sorry to hear about this!” Bumble wrote. “We’ve found the member and permanently removed them.”

In a follow-up video, Jocelyn added that she tried looking up Myles’ number, per a suggestion someone wrote in the comments, and couldn’t find it or its service provider online. She claimed this could mean he had been using a separate app to send her texts.

Fake dating app profiles are not exactly rare — a 2019 study found that around 10% of dating profiles are fake. Unfortunately, it seemed like many commenters had similar stories to Jocelyn’s.

“This happened to me too,” a commenter wrote. “I almost drove two hours to see him but something in my gut told me there was something off.”

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