Woman called out over ‘ungrateful’ response to her boyfriend’s birthday gift: ‘You need to apologize’

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A woman is furious that her boyfriend didn’t get her a nice enough birthday dinner.

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her boyfriend lost his job, and his new one pays a lower salary, but she still expected him to get her the expensive dinner and cake she wanted for her birthday.

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“I have been dating Alex for almost three years,” she said. “Alex has a 13-year-old daughter from a previous marriage that he has full custody of. When we met, Alex was doing very well. He made six figures, and he had a decent house in a fine neighborhood.

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“Almost a year and a half ago, his job had to cut some employees, and he was one of them. He had to take on a job, and he earned much less than he had before. Yesterday was my birthday. I wanted to celebrate at a nice restaurant near us; however, it was closed. There was another one a little closer to us, although it was more expensive.”

Alex didn’t think he could foot the bill for everything the Reddit poster wanted.

“I suggested going there for my birthday to Alex, and he said that he couldn’t afford to pay for dinner there, and, if we went, we would need to split the bill,” she explained. “I was a little upset, but he said he would make something himself. The cake I wanted was, admittedly, somewhat expensive. He didn’t think he could afford it with Christmas coming up, and we’d have to go half.

“Well, yesterday came. He made dinner, and it was quite good. However, when he brought the cake out, it was just something he had made himself.

He said he was sorry he couldn’t afford the nicer cake, but he had made this one, and his daughter had helped. I pretended to enjoy it, but after I told him that I was hoping for a slightly nicer cake. He said he had tried his best and he couldn’t spend the money he had set aside for bills on a cake. I guess his daughter heard because now he’s also saying that I made her upset after she helped make it.”

Reddit posters thought the girlfriend sounded spoiled.

“You sound so ungrateful. You need to apologize for being selfish,” someone commented.

“You sound conceited and unappreciative of what you have,” another wrote.

“I think you’re being a bit of a brat about it,” a user wrote.

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