Woman blown away by boyfriend’s ‘controlling’ home security request: ‘That’s an invasion of privacy’

A woman is unsure if her boyfriend has become too controlling in the short time they’ve been together.

She asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in. After six months, her boyfriend accused her of cheating multiple times. Now, he wants to have access to her security cameras so he can police who comes in and out of her apartment.

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“Context, my boyfriend (m 29) and I (f 29) have been dating six months,” she wrote. “He has some trust issues, and so do I. He has accused me of cheating on numerous occasions (started with my business trips since I fly out of state to meet clients and go to my office HQ since I WFH).”

“It got better then got worse again when I visited a friend (we’ve been friends nearly 10 years) briefly for 20 minutes at his place of work and noticed I was sitting at the same location on Find My Friends.”

“I thought giving him access to FMF would ease his anxiety, but it feels he’s using it as a weapon. Fast forward to this weekend, he demanded I give him access to my ring doorbell camera (we do not live together), so he can see who comes and goes from my house. I told him that’s controlling and an invasion of privacy, and he accused me of hiding things and trying to invite other men over.”

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“(I’m also bi, but he has zero issues when I invite my female friends over). He said he’s not being controlling in asking for that, but I feel like that’s not true. He’s also accused me of manipulating and gaslighting him on multiple occasions, and I just can’t get my head straight anymore. Is this controlling, or am I losing it and overreacting?”

Redditors believed the boyfriend was one big walking red flag.

“This is all very controlling and extremely unhealthy,” a user said.

“I call this red flag city and would 100% bail. He needs therapy before ever trying to date again,” another said.

“Dump this guy. None of this is normal or healthy, and it’s not going to get better from here. Especially since it’s only been six months,” a TikToker wrote.

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