Woman spots man's alleged creepy behavior in gym mirror: 'What do you think?'

A woman on TikTok is sharing a jarring video of a man’s alleged creepy gym behavior after she claims she saw him take photos of her while she was working out.

TikTok user @juliaapic, who goes by Julia, is a fitness and lifestyle influencer on the platform. But her most viral video isn’t an exercise tutorial or recipe video — it’s a clip of the time she allegedly caught a stranger at the gym taking a photo of her.

“Was filming a workout back in January when this happened,” Julia wrote in the TikTok.

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Her caption explained that she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to post the video when it first happened because “it was a bit too sensitive at the time.”

“Genuinely curious what you guys think,” she added.

In the video, Julia is positioned in a side plank with her front facing the gym’s mirror. As she lifts a weight on her top leg, a man starts walking around in the background, not doing anything. At one point, he squats down behind Julia appears to do something with his phone — although it’s hard to tell because Julia’s body blocks most of him out.

“He denied he took a picture which made me feel crazy for thinking it,” Julia said in the TikTok. “What do you think?”

“100 percent took a photo of you,” one user commented.

“He absolutely did,” another agreed. “Clearly showed his buddy.”

“Some men still don’t get why women are sometimes nervous to be alone,” another chimed in.

In a follow-up video, Julia addressed the numerous comments that said she should contact the gym staff.

“I honestly wasn’t going to report him at first because I was too scared,” she said. “I didn’t want to make a scene.”

As Julia mentioned in her first video, she also started to doubt that the man took a photo of her after — especially after he denied it. However, what changed Julia’s mind was the thought that if she’d seen this happening to another woman at the gym, she would’ve encouraged that woman to report it.

“I told staff and they confronted him about it and he got mad and he left,” she said. “He then came back in to tell the staff that he was mad and I just tried not to watch because I was extremely uncomfortable.”

Ultimately, Julia said the staff “made a note on his account.” She said she hasn’t been back to that gym since.

In an even scarier twist, Julia claimed that she’d posted about the situation on Instagram back when it happened — and the guy somehow found it and messaged her. She didn’t respond.

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