People Are Sharing Their Childhood Experiences That Would Leave Young People Today Scratching Their Heads

If you're over 30, then you know there are a ton of things that instantly age us when we say them out loud to younger people. For example, saying you remember celebrating birthdays at Discovery Zone will probably get you a big "what's that?" response from a young person today.

Kids playing
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Recently, Reddit user mark30322 was curious about those moments when they asked: "Without saying your age, name something you remember from your childhood that younger people would just not understand."

"Without saying your age, name something you remember from your childhood that younger people would just not understand."

Well, hundreds of people replied with things from their childhood that don't make any sense today. Here are the top and best comments:

1."Hours spent with your finger hovering over the 'record' button to record your favorite song off the radio onto cassette. Also hoping the DJ shuts up so he doesn’t ruin it."

Cassette tapes next to a boombox

2."Test pattern on the TV, right after the national anthem at midnight."

A test screen

3."Being able to free roam for miles away from home after school without your parents having a clue where you are."

A kid riding a bike

4."Germany was two countries."

A map showing old Germany

5."Having to fine-tune the TV antenna after you selected the channel."

An antenna TV

6."Dialing the phone to call for local time and temperatures."

A woman on a house phone

7."You Can't Do That on Television."

Kids covered in slime

8."The Archies records on the Sugar Crisp cereal box."

"Free Record"

9."Six to eight weeks for delivery."

A man delivering a package

10."A pencil can rewind music."

A pencil in a cassette tape

11."Calling the movie theater to get showtimes."

"Call 444-FILM"

12."Cracker Jacks! When I was little, there were amazing prizes in the boxes. Once I got a tiny plastic elephant that you snapped together from the parts. It had a wheel on the bottom and a mahout riding on its back, and when you rolled it along, the mahout went up and down. Later they dropped the prizes in favor of stupid stickers, and now they just include a piece of paper with a link to a lame online game."

A Cracker Jack box

13."Going to the corner store by yourself at age 6 to buy cigarettes for your parents."

A parent with their kid at a pharmacy

14."We had a TV made of wood."

Kids in front of the TV

15."Rotary telephones."

Someone using a rotary telephone

16."Saturday morning cartoons."


17."Fotomats. Having to drive up to pick up photos from our vacation."

A Fotomat

18."Sticking your finger in the coin return of pay phones and vending machines to see if anybody left some change."

A payphone

19."It was f'ing game-changing when my parents brought home a typewriter that had correction tape."

A typewriter

20."Paying for something ONCE and keeping it forever."

A washing machine

21."I remember my parents had a 'VHS rewinder,' it was a machine thats only purpose was to rewind VHS tapes. That's how we binge-watched back in the day. Popped a movie out of the VCR; after it was done, it went into the rewinder. While the new tape went into the VCR."

A VHS rewinder

22."Programming the VCR. The number of times I missed the beginning or end of Dawson's Creek (which aired on Friday nights in New Zealand) is horror young people will never have to endure."

Someone putting a VHS into the VCR

23.And lastly, "Get off the phone, I need to use the computer!"

"Dialing progress"

You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.