Tonga's shirtless flag bearer returns in PyeongChang

Pita Taufatofua has reprised his role as Tonga's shirtless flagbearer with a brave entrance at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium on Friday night.

The Australian-born multi-sport athlete represented Tonga at the Rio 2016 Summer Games in taekwondo before switching to cross-country skiing for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Taufatofua stole the attention of the world when he entered the Rio opening ceremony shirtless and oiled up.

While he warned everyone that PyeongChang's temperatures would see him rug up, Taufatofua shocked the globe again with a second shock entrance.

"I want to still be alive for my race. It's going to be freezing, so I will be keeping nice and warm," Taufatofua said last week.

Pita Taufatofua is back! Pic: Getty

"There was movie stuff, modelling stuff, different sponsorship contracts. I didn't realise how big a thing it would be for people, but my passion is pushing myself."

The 34-year-old did put a jacket on when he got to his seat, and who can blame him.

The temperature was into the negatives in PyeongChang!

Taufatofua first skied in January 2017, having previously seen snow once in his life.

He hasn't changed much since 2016. Pic: Getty

"After Rio I needed a new challenge," he said.

"Could I do a new sport, the hardest I could think of, in a year? Every time I ski I feel like I die a little inside. The burn starts and then you hold the burn for an hour or more. I still haven't had a race where I felt completely happy, in terms of no pain."

Taufatofua qualified for Pyeongchang at the seventh, and final, attempt.

He travelled to Isafjordur, Iceland, for a make-or-break race in mid-January and finished sixth.

"The closest I had got was within 30 points. This time I blew it out of the water, the best snow race I have ever done," he said.

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