Right-Wing Influencer's Plan To Thwart Taylor Swift Brutally Mocked

Taylor Swift has already inspired right-wing conspiracy theories that she is working to re-elect Joe Biden, but at least one conservative influencer has a plan to stop her.

And it involves Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and... Jon Voight.

Jack Posobiec ― who help popularized the bogus “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory ― offered his latest plan to own the libs on Tuesday at right-wing group Turning Point USA’s Restoring National Confidence Summit in Las Vegas.

Posobiec argued that Swift is the perfect person to attract what he called “low-propensity liberal woman” to vote for abortion access, and said the right has to counteract that.

“We don’t have Taylor Swift on our side, but you know who we have?” Posobiec said. “We have Kid Rock. We have Ted Nugent. We have influencers. We have all these people ― Jon Voight.”

Many people on X, formerly Twitter, were amused by Posobiec’s suggestion that three conservative men ― the youngest of whom is Kid Rock, at 53 ― could move the same hearts and minds as Swift.

And, yes, there was much mockery.