Wimbledon 2024 LIVE! Emma Raducanu vs Lulu Sun latest score and updates from Centre Court

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE! Emma Raducanu vs Lulu Sun latest score and updates from Centre Court

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE!

Emma Raducanu continues her bid for Wimbledon glory when she plays New Zealand qualifier Lulu Sun on Centre Court. Raducanu pulled out of the mixed doubles with Andy Murray on Saturday because of stiffness in her wrist, but there is a growing feeling she could go all the way in the singles at SW19 this year.

The 21-year-old has looked mightily impressive in wins over Renata Zarazu, Elise Mertens and Maria Sakkari on her way to the fourth round. Victory against unseeded Sun would seal a quarter-final spot.

But Raducanu knows full well that a little-known qualifier can upset the odds at a Grand Slam after she famously won the US Open as a teenage qualifier three years ago. And Sun, ranked 123rd in the world, produced one of the shocks of the tournament when she beat Chinese eighth seed Zheng Qinwen in the first round. Follow live coverage of Emma Raducanu vs Lulu Sun below with Standard Sport’s Dom Smith at Wimbledon!

Emma Raducanu vs Lulu Sun latest news

  • Start time: 4:50pm BST (approx)

  • How to watch: BBC

  • Raducanu pulls out of Murray mixed doubles match

  • Head to head (H2H) record

GAME, SET, MATCH SUN... 6-2, 5-7, 6-2

19:48 , Dom Smith

Incredible point by Sun to edge 30-15 ahead, firing into one extremity of the court and then finding the other corner immediately after.

Raducanu gets it’s back to 30-30 and then earns a rare break point as Sun hits into the tramlines, but Sun is then too good and saves that break point.

Then passed onto the line by the New Zealander in some style, bringing up her first match point. Saved by Raducanu with a stirring winner!

Then it’s break point Raducanu, but again not taken. A slip from Sun as she turns a winner into the open court for a second match point. It’s taken.

Such a shame for Raducanu, who put up such a fight but has lost out after an inspired display by Sun.

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 2-5 Sun

19:39 , Dom Smith

Break point for Sun at 30-40, with Raducanu missing her first serve by miles.

But Sun completely wastes her chance for the double break, going long when the whole court had presented itself.

She then nets, handing Raducanu game point on serve.

But it goes so wrong for Raducanu from there as she is broken in deuce and looks to be heading out unless she can muster a remarkable turnaround from here.

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 2-4 Sun

19:31 , Dom Smith

There’s real hope for Raducanu getting back level pegging in the deciding set as she heads 0-30 in front on Sun’s serve, yet the New Zealander is 40-30 in front in the blink of an eye — approaching the net decisively and finding the corner as she has done so well throughout the match.

Raducanu then hits the net while well advanced and that’s game. A chance comes, a chance goes...

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 2-3 Sun

19:26 , Dom Smith

Still a break down in this deciding set, but the crowd enjoyed that one as Raducanu holds, including a tasty ace down the T for 40-15.

Puts away the game with a forehand into the open court with Sun nowhere to be seen.

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 3-1 Sun

19:24 , Dom Smith

Another comfortable service game from Sun who momentarily is 15-30 down but turns that around quite nicely.

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 1-2 Sun

19:18 , Dom Smith

Ace to start from Raducanu. But then she nets.

Raducanu opts to fly the ball up and over the net but that’s bread and butter for Sun, who slaps it down for 15-30. Ace. 30-30. Netted by Sun. 40-30.

Ace down the T. Nicely done, Emma. Hold of serve.

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 0-2 Sun

19:14 , Dom Smith

Sun winds a forehand winner down the line for 30-15, but she is winning most of her service points in rallies after second serves.

Raducanu takes the next point, putting the pressure on at 30-30. Then Raducanu nets.

Game Sun.

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 0-1 Sun

19:10 , Dom Smith

Her first action after the time out is to slam down an ace for 30-30 like she’s never been away.

But Raducanu then drops her level a tad and allows Sun to break in the third set’s first game...

Back underway

19:07 , Dom Smith

Raducanu is back on her feet and we continue, with the Brit 15-30 down on serve.

Medical time-out

19:05 , Dom Smith

Medical time out called for Raducanu, who is being given stretches to do and is currently laying down under a towel.

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5, 0-0 Sun — Raducanu getting medical treatment

19:00 , Dom Smith

Excellent point by Sun for 15-15, sending Raducanu sprinting around the court and then putting away where the Brit isn’t.

But Raducanu then slips, holds her leg in pain, and a physio has been called to the court to tend to her. She looks OK but we’ll see...

Raducanu 2-6, 7-5 Sun

18:49 , Dom Smith

Sun snatches at a seemingly easy backhand for 15-15, and then Raducanu has her running this way and that with the next point, shouting loudly as Sun goes long.

Sun has played too well, though, and twists a powerful two-handed forehand past Raducanu.

But she then nets, bringing up set point for Raducanu! Sun saves it, with an unstoppable forehand down the line.

BUT Raducanu slaps an outstanding forehand of her own into the corner of the court and earns a second break point. TAKEN!

Raducanu 2-6, 6-5 Sun

18:43 , Dom Smith

Sun is scrambling and can’t return a bullet shot from Raducanu, but her 30-0 lead is halved when she nets. Sun then hits a thunderous winner of her own for 30-30.

But Sun hits long and then fires into the net, helping Raducanu nudge herself 6-5 ahead in the second set. If Sun wants to wrap this match up in straight sets, she’s going to need to hold serve and then win a tiebreak...

Raducanu 2-6, 5-5 Sun

18:39 , Dom Smith

The crowd sense a chance for Raducanu at 30-15, but Sun makes sure it’s soon 40-15 with a blistering ace.

From there she holds. Five games all.

Raducanu 2-6, 5-4 Sun

18:35 , Dom Smith

Ace from Raducanu brings up 30-15 on serve, and then a wild swing from Sun moves the Brit further ahead, 40-15.

Stupendous ace down the T from Raducanu. Game 5-4.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Raducanu 2-6, 4-4 Sun

18:30 , Dom Smith

Gorgeous drop-shot from Raducanu, which Sun chases and returns, but the Brit then lobs her opponent, drawing a roar of appreciation from all on Centre.

Raducanu takes the game to deuce — a positive sign on Sun’s serve — but it’s Sun’s game in the end.

Raducanu 2-6, 4-3 Sun

18:24 , Dom Smith

Raducanu finds the line perfectly for 15-15 but is then left unmoved as Sun cannons a winner past her.

Spot of trouble for Raducanu as she goes 30-40 down. Break point, but Raducanu saves it as Sun overhits a forehand.

Raducanu saves THREE break points and holds again!

Raducanu 2-6, 3-3 Sun

18:16 , Dom Smith

Fierce serving by Sun sees her win her service game to love, a steep contrast to how much Raducanu is having to dig in to hold at the moment.

Can she do so next?

Raducanu 2-6, 3-2 Sun

18:15 , Dom Smith

Raducanu forced into a mistake of positioning by her 23-year-old opponent, who slaps a winner into the unguarded court for 15-30 — but Raducanu wins a similar point immediately after... 30-30.

Fantastic winner by Raducanu who stuns her opponent. Just when Sun thought her shot was a winner, Raducanu bullets it back across the net.

The 21-year-old Brit holds serve.

Raducanu 2-6, 2-2 Sun

18:04 , Dom Smith

Intriguing cat-and-mouse point to begin the fourth game of the second set includes drop-shots, smashes and slices and ultimately ends with Sun passing past Raducanu.

Then 15-15.

Soon enough, Raducanu has hit a forehand so powerfully that Sun nets and earns Raducanu one break point. Not taken.

Stunning, stunning winner onto the line by Raducanu, who shows nerves of steel to even try it, straight off Sun’s serve. But then a miss. Back to deuce.

Despite continued big-hitting by Raducanu, Sun takes the game and it’s on serve still at 2-2.

Raducanu 2-6, 2-1 Sun

17:54 , Dom Smith

A roar from Raducanu as Sun goes long and the Brit moves 30-15 ahead.

Then a serve down the tramlines causes Sun problems as she overhits again.

But Raducanu can’t close the game out because a searing winner from Sun clips the line and forces deuce.

Another clench of the fists for Raducanu as she earns advantage by forcing a Sun miss, but the New Zealander isn’t going away and cracks another winner onto the line.

Advantage Raducanu. Game. Vital hold of serve.

Raducanu 2-6, 1-1 Sun

17:46 , Dom Smith

Sun slips a lovely cross-court winner just over the net, with Raducanu nowhere near it, for 40-15.

And there are half-hearted cheers around Centre as Sun takes the game.

Raducanu 2-6, 1-0 Sun

17:43 , Dom Smith

Big hitting and brave tennis gets Raducanu off and running in the second set, which she takes to 30 on serve.

Important to start that one off like that.

Raducanu 2-6 Sun

17:37 , Dom Smith

Serving for the first set, Sun wastes no time in getting started, firing down an ace to set things off.

Next comes a deft drop-shot, which collapses just over the net and earns her 30-0.

But an uncharacteristic miss by Sun brings the Brit back into contention.

Ace. Never mind...

Hold on — Sun goes long and it’s 40-30.

Raducanu challenges her final shot but it was long. It’s game and first set Sun.

Raducanu 2-5 Sun

17:33 , Dom Smith

At 30-30, there’s a battle of slices which Raducanu wins when Sun nets under relatively little pressure.

40-30 and a point away from a hold for Raducanu. She lobs Sun beautifully and challenges when it is called out, but it is indeed long, and it’s deuce.

And then a spot of bother as Raducanu can’t make it over the net and brings up break point for Sun. Very long rally ensues, and Raducanu wins it. Second seuce.

Then third deuce. Two stunning winners by Sun. 5-2 now...

Raducanu 2-4 Sun

17:24 , Dom Smith

Sun looks to be cruising to 4-2 before double-faulting for 40-15.

She then goes long in a bruising rally of power. 40-30, a glimpse of hope for Raducanu?

No. Her next return of serve is angles upwards and drops long.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Raducanu 2-3 Sun

17:19 , Dom Smith

After going long, Raducanu produces a thumping ace for 15-15, but then doesn’t make Sun pay with a net shot and instead the New Zealander lobs Raducanu and forces her to miss.

Sun then overhits a backhand, and after an unreturned serve it’s 40-30.

Sun goes long, and there’s a clench of the fists from Raducanu, who is back to 2-3 from 0-3 down.

Raducanu 1-3 Sun

17:15 , Dom Smith

Huge cheers around Centre as Raducanu wins her first point in a long while thanks to Sun netting.

Then Sun drags long and it’s 15-30.

But at 30-30, Raducanu digs out a stunning winnger from under her body and earns one break point.

Missed first serve. Double fault! She’s broken back

Raducanu 0-3 Sun

17:10 , Dom Smith

Sun is playing some amazing tennis in these early stages, approaching the net confidently and then duly putting away.

She does that to perfection again, slapping three winners that put her 0-40 up and hand her three chances for the double break. Raducanu into the tramlines, and she’s broken. In trouble, too!

Raducanu 0-2 Sun

17:07 , Dom Smith

Cracking forehand by Sun to level at 15-15, full of power and with Radcucanu nowhere near it. Then the New Zealander hits a lovely forehand the other direction, also a winner.

Then a fine backhand crashes into the corner for 40-30, but Raducanu’s bravery with a powerful return of serve brings up deuce.

Sun’s serve bounces off the frame of Raducanu’s racket. 2-0 Sun.

Raducanu 0-1 Sun

17:01 , Dom Smith

Into the net by Raducanu in both of the first two rallies, putting Sun 0-30 up on Raducanu’s serve, and then a double fault to hand Sun three free breakpoints straight off the bat (racket?).

First and second are both saved with strong second serves, but a clip of the net helps Sun break on the third.


16:57 , Dom Smith

Here we go then, for a place in the quarter-finals.

One minute until action...

16:55 , Dom Smith

Not long to go now, with fans quickly taking their seats inside Centre Court

The players are out

16:51 , Dom Smith

Here come Raducanu and Sun, about to begin their warm-ups on Centre Court!

Recap of Raducanu's run to the fourth round...

16:43 , Dom Smith

Raducanu’s first opponent Ekaterina Alexandrova withdrew before the first round and was replaced by lucky loser Renata Zarazua of Mexico. Here is the Brit’s inspirational run so far.

Beat Renata Zarazua (Mexico) 7-6(0), 6-3

Beat Elise Mertens (Belgium) 6-1, 6-2

Beat Maria Sakkari (Greece, 9th seed) 6-2, 6-3

Game, set, match Alcaraz

16:37 , Dom Smith

That’s it. Raducanu and Sun are next up on Centre Court in a few minutes’ time, after defending men’s champion Alcaraz holds his nerve to see off 16th seed Humbert, 6-3, 6-4, 1-6, 7-5.

Raducanu pulls out of mixed doubles

16:34 , Dom Smith

We had the news yesterday Emma Raducanu, citing stiffness in her wrist, decided to cancel her plans to play mixed doubles with Sir Andy Murray, effectively ending Murray’s Wimbledon career.

Raducanu had to prioritise her singles match today and so pulled out.

You can read the full article right here.

Start time

16:27 , Dom Smith

This match follows the end of Carlos Alcaraz’s contest against Ugo Humbert of France on Centre Court.

Alcaraz is two sets to one up, but it is 5-5 in the fourth. A close match for the reigning men’s champion right now.

Raducanu and Sun waiting in the wings patiently. A 4:50pm start expected as it stands.

How to watch

16:15 , Dom Smith

The match will be broadcast on BBC One.

Good afternoon!

16:04 , Dom Smith

Hello and welcome along to Standard Sport’s dedicated live coverage of Britain’s Emma Raducanu versus Lulu Sun of New Zealand in the fourth round at Wimbledon.

We’ll be with you every step of the way as the Brit seeks to make this her best-ever run at Wimbledon by making the quarter-finals.

Don’t go away!