Wimbledon 2024 LIVE! Andy Murray presentation on Centre Court after doubles match

Wimbledon 2024 LIVE! Andy Murray presentation on Centre Court after doubles match

Andy Murray - LIVE!

Andy Murray may yet have at least one more match to play but Wimbledon bid farewell to the two-time champion in an emotional tribute on Centre Court on Thursday night. Past champions from Novak Djokovic to John McEnroe graced the court, so too the British men tasked with taking over Murray’s mantle at SW19 in Jack Draper, Cameron Norrie and Dan Evans.

Sue Barker was brought out of retirement to interview him on court while video messages played out from the likes of Roger Federer and Serena Williams. It almost seemed immaterial that Murray had just played a match – his first at Wimbledon with brother Jamie – so too that he lost it 7-6, 6-4 to John Peers and Rinky Hijikata.

Murray is scheduled to play the mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu later in the week, although Raducanu’s priority is clearly the singles against Maria Sakkari on Friday. This was Murray’s moment and yet it was apt to be shared on screen and in person by some of his greatest rivals.

Latest updates as Andy Murray features in doubles

  • Federer, Nadal and Williams pay tribute

  • Game, set and match! Murray brothers beaten in straight sets

  • Murray brothers lose first set tie-break

  • Murray to play mixed doubles with Raducanu

Classy from Draper

21:54 , Matt Verri

Jack Draper and Cam Norrie were two of those that came out onto Centre Court to pay tribute.

They were locked in battle on Court One just a couple of hours ago, with Norrie coming through in straight sets to knock the British No1 out.

Nice to see Draper still play his part in Murray’s farewell.

21:46 , Matt Verri

Andy and Jamie have just made their way to the media centre for their press conference, meaning those outside have had a glimpse of the brothers again.

One fans cannot contain himself. He has been screaming, and I mean SCREAMING, Andy’s name for about three minutes straight.

Andy has been in the media theatre and out of view for at least two and a half of those.

Watch: Murray's Centre Court presentation

21:42 , Matt Verri

Got the tears under control?

Good. Time to go again. Here’s Andy Murray’s interview in full on Centre Court, with plenty of humour from the main man in between choking up.

Alcaraz: What a legacy

21:33 , Matt Verri

Correct, Carlos.

Everyone gets a wave!

21:24 , Matt Verri

Those on Centre Court got their change to pay tribute to Andy Murray, and so too those outside at SW19.

He better go in otherwise they will stay there all night.

21:19 , Matt Verri

As was the case in 2012, talking about his team has never been easy for Andy.

Especially not now when he’s reflecting on the toughest part of his career. All those injuries, comebacks, setbacks, injuries, comebacks, setbacks, inj... you get the idea.

21:14 , Matt Verri

Poor Andy spent most of that presentation trying not to cry, but he enjoyed telling this story.

No looking back from there...

21:13 , Matt Verri

Guard of honour as Andy walks off - and the camera stays on him as he walks inside, head in his hands as he takes it all on.

That was... a lot. For him, for everyone.

21:11 , Matt Verri

Murray walks over and gives a big hug to all the players that came out for that presentation. Djokovic, Swiatek, Draper and Norrie among them.

And then the biggest hug of all for his brother.

21:09 , Matt Verri

“I would love to keep playing, but I can’t. Physically it’s too tough now.

“All of the injuries have added up. I want to play forever, I love the sport.

“It’s given me so much, taught me loads of lessons that I can use in the rest of my life.

“I don’t want to stop, so it’s hard.”

Here is that montage they showed...

21:07 , Matt Verri

Best of luck getting through this without crying.

21:05 , Matt Verri

Murray chokes up again as he talks about the support from his team during his injury issues in recent years.

“Not at the level that he wanted... but we tried,” is his verdict on performances during that period.

21:02 , Matt Verri

Murray says he’ll be back to watch at Wimbledon, suggests that he wants to be in the coaching box one day too.

And then makes it very clear he has absolutely no interest in doing commentary work. Nip that in the bud nice and early.

Murray on playing the 'big three'

20:58 , Matt Verri

“They weren’t the easiest guys to get past.

“All tennis fans have been lucky to witness what they’ve gone on to each other.

“It’s been incredible to watch and be part of same of the matches with them. I was fortunate to manage to get through a couple of time in big moments.

“What a time to be on tour.”

20:55 , Matt Verri

“I’ll try and keep it quick,” Murray said.

“Two of my kids are up there and it’s way past their bedtime.”

20:53 , Matt Verri

Andy has done very well not to burst into tears watching that. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Williams... really special piece put together.

Huge ovation from Centre Court and now he does start to well up.

20:50 , Matt Verri

“It was tough physically,” says Andy.

Time for a montage on the big screen. Roger Federer and Serena Williams among those adding their input.

Stars are out...

20:47 , Matt Verri

Sue Barker has strolled onto Centre Court.

So too Novak Djokovic, Jack Draper, Cam Norrie and a few others.

Presentation to come?

20:44 , Matt Verri

Andy has jogged straight off, his brother is still in his seat on course.

Suggestion that there will be a presentation of sorts for Andy now, rather than after his mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 6-4 Murray/Murray

20:42 , Matt Verri

Centre Court willing the Murray boys on. Will it be enough?

Double fault met with a big cheer, 0-15. We’ll take anything and everything.

Great lob from Andy, but Peers runs it down and to be fair it’s a brilliant forehand winner as he swivels. 15-15. And Peers again, finds a superb angle at the net. 30-15.

Two match points, as Hijikata makes the volley.

Taken. Murray brothers are beaten in the first round.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 *5-4 Murray/Murray

20:39 , Matt Verri

Solid start, Andy finding the first serves when he really needs them.

And Jamie is back on song at the net, confident volley rapidly gets the brothers to 40-0.

Swinging ace out wide, there’s the hold.

Now. We NEED a break. Immediately.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 5-3* Murray/Murray

20:36 , Matt Verri

Hijikata with, unfortunately, a lovely backhand winner crosscourt. Not what we’re looking for right now.

Andy a couple of inches away from one of his own, lands just out though. 30-0.

It’s getting away from them - Jamie strides forward and sends a fairly routine volley out. Arms outstretched in frustration.

And that’s a hold to love. Andy will serve to keep the Murray boys in the match.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 *4-3 Murray/Murray

20:33 , Matt Verri

Double fault from Jamie, and it’s swiftly 0-30 as the backhand winner goes flying crosscourt. Murray boys, fairly obviously, can’t really be getting broken here.

It’s three break points, Peers hammers the ball straight at Andy and it smacks his shoulder. One way to get yourself escorted out of SW19.

Nothing like a bit of pain to get Andy going, his volley saves one of them.

But it’s another double fault, Jamie throws his racquet up in frustration. Murray brothers broken.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 3-3* Murray/Murray

20:30 , Matt Verri

Brilliant from Jamie, gets to the drop shot and then finds space to make the volley at full stretch.

Aaaaand that kills the mood a bit. Ace down the T from Peers, 40-15.

There’s the hold, Hijikata can’t really miss at the net as it’s looped up to him.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 *2-3 Murray/Murray

20:26 , Matt Verri

Three first serves from Andy, three points won. That’ll do nicely to start the game, 40-0.

Second serve does the job to bring up a swift hold to love. Needed that.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 2-2* Murray/Murray

20:24 , Matt Verri

Jamie misses his return, then signals to the umpire that it’s getting dark. Those things are not unrelated.

Bit of a loose game from the Murray boys, Andy sending a backhand low into the net.

Level in the second set.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 *1-2 Murray/Murray

20:21 , Matt Verri

Return from Hijikata is too good crosscourt, Jamie can’t catch up with it.

Great get from Andy though, and Jamie backs it up with the smash down the middle. 30-15. Fist pump count ever growing.

Trouble here though - two winners from the Australians and they have the chance to break straight back. 30-40.

Saved, wild return from Hijikata. Love to see it... er, I mean, deuce.

Another break point coming up, Peers again goes straight down the middle with the forehand.

And they take it, Jamie netting his volley as he moves forward. Back on serve.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 0-2* Murray/Murray

20:14 , Matt Verri

Jamie continues to make a nuisance of himself at the net. Incredible reflexes, even better touch. Chance here at 30-30.

Break point, their first of the match! Lovely backhand dropped over the net by Jamie and it doesn’t come back.

TAKEN! Huge roar from Andy, Murray brothers have their break.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 *0-1 Murray/Murray

20:10 , Matt Verri

Big hold - Murray brothers are up and running in the second set.

Now need to find a way to make an impact in the return games. Haven’t had a break point yet.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 0-0* Murray/Murray

20:09 , Matt Verri

Wouldn’t feel right if things were easy for Andy. Had to be this way.

Need to be careful here, though. Hijikata’s volley beats the Murray brothers and it’s 15-30.

Two break points - Jamie flicks a volley near enough into his own face.

First saved by the reliable hands of Jamie at the net, and the second is survived too! Andy wisely pulling out of that as the last second, watches the ball fly out. Deuce.

And the it’s pure chaos! Lightning reflexes, net cords, smashes... and a third break point for the Australians. Wild point.

Andy saves it with the first serve out wide. Hanging on for dear life. Deuce again.

Hijikata/Peers 7-6 Murray/Murray

20:02 , Matt Verri

Now set point for the Australians, forehand down the line from Hijikata just beats Jamie. 7-6.

And it’s taken.

Murray brothers split, ball flies straight between them. They’re going to have to do it the hard way.

Hijikata/Peers 6-6 Murray/Murray

20:00 , Matt Verri

First mini-break - brilliant return that drops just over the net. Almost impossible to pull that angle out.

And Andy then nets the return next point. 5-3 to the Australian duo.

Back on serve! Sensational from Jamie, full stretch and the forehand winner drops just in. 5-4.

5-5 - Andy’s second serve just about in and Jamie leaps at the net to make the overhead.

Set point Murray brothers, as the return flies wide. Noise levels go up again. 6-5.

Saved, back to 6-6. Great reflexes at the net from Peers. Centre Court tried its best there, cheering a first serve into the net...

Hijikata/Peers 6-6 Murray/Murray

19:56 , Matt Verri

Cheap point behind serve for the Australian pair, up and running. Murray brothers respond, great volley from Jamie. 1-1.

And again, Andy serve, Jamie volley... job done. 2-1.

Stays on serve for now, Peers at the net with the backhand volley past Jamie. 2-2. Makes that 3-2 to the Australians, Peers with the most routine of smashes.

Level at 3-3 at the changeover. Still nothing to split them.

Hijikata/Peers 6-6 Murray/Murray

19:53 , Matt Verri

Pressure on the Murray brothers - Jamie serving as they try and force a tie-break.

That helps, Peers and then Hijikata can only find the net when right in the rally, before Andy pulls out a lovely drop volley. 40-0.

Andy swats away the volley, we’re going to a breaker.

Hijikata/Peers 6-5* Murray/Murray

19:49 , Matt Verri

Positive movement from Andy there, scrambling across the court and wins that point for the brothers. He then gets the crowd going again - doesn’t take much.

He’s well in the next point, too, but pushes a backhand just wide. 15-15.

Jamie’s lob just floats long, error from Hijikata though and it’s 30-30.

Nearly earn themselves a break point, as Andy launches the ball up. Hijikata’s smash is good enough. And that return from Andy is out - battling hold.

Hijikata/Peers *5-5 Murray/Murray


Andy to serve to keep the Murray brothers in this first set.

More sharp work at the net from Jamie, covers the ground and puts the volley away. 30-0.

This one comes back, leaving Andy with work to do from the baseline... does it. On we go in the opener.

Hijikata/Peers 5-4* Murray/Murray

19:42 , Matt Verri

Glare up to the box from Andy as an ace from Peers flashes by him.

He drops a lobbed return right on the baseline a couple of points later, and then gets the better of the exchange that follows. First fist pumps to the crowd and Andy gets the noise he wants at 30-30.

Can’t force a break point, though. Andy tries to whip a forehand crosscourt, clips the net.

Hijikata/Peers *4-4 Murray/Murray

19:39 , Matt Verri

90% of the cheers are for Andy, but Jamie has been really impressive so far. Saying that, dumps a volley low into the net there - 30-15.

No damage, more good serving from Jamie and a wide return from Peers brings up the hold.

Hijikata/Peers 4-3* Murray/Murray

19:36 , Matt Verri

Jamie moving up to the net, tries to just shovel it back but gets cramped up.

Still not getting much in the way of encouragement for either pairing when it comes to breaking serve.

Andy can’t get that return back, Hijikata and Peers tick another game off.

Hijikata/Peers *3-3 Murray/Murray

19:34 , Matt Verri

Andy hammers a forehand crosscourt, not sure it’s going in but Hijikata helps him out, volleying into the net.

The serve from Andy has looked rock solid, no issues there. Nor with Jamie’s volleying, more great feel at the net to seal another love hold.

Hijikata/Peers 3-2* Murray/Murray

19:30 , Matt Verri

Andy does keep touching his back, trying to stretch it out. Fairly obvious that he’s not feeling particularly comfortable.

Murray brothers sensing an opportunity though, double fault from Peers and it’s 30-30.

Lob from Andy just has too much on it, but that second-serve return is perfect. Deuce.

Solid couple of points from the Australian duo get them out of the game and back in front on the scoreboard.

Hijikata/Peers *2-2 Murray/Murray

19:26 , Matt Verri

Superb touch from Jamie, flicks a volley over his brother’s head, over the net and just about in. Perfect angle.

Backs it up with a first serve out wide, Peers can only net the return.

And then a puff of chalk for the ace down the T - hold to love.

Hijikata/Peers 2-1* Murray/Murray

19:23 , Matt Verri

Hijikata’s turn to serve. Jamie lobs the ball up, Murray brothers both go one way and the smash goes the other.

Few groans as Murray gingerly walks away and turns his back after stretching to return - looks to be fine as he moves back to the chair.

Another comfortable hold.

Hijikata/Peers *1-1 Murray/Murray

19:21 , Matt Verri

“Andy Murray to serve” = big cheers.

Two first serves and a second shot isn’t required, 30-0. Andy then wants a challenge... couple of inches away from an ace down the T.

Second serve a couple of points later is jumped on by Peers, Jamie can’t get there at the net. 40-30.

There is the hold. Centre Court cheers the latest volley from Jamie, only problem is Hijikata gets there. Murray’s forehand winner gets the job done.

Hijikata/Peers 1-0* Murray/Murray

19:16 , Matt Verri

Confident start from the pair looking to spoil the Centre Court party.

Murray brothers on the board with a sharp volley from Jamie, but opening hold is sealed as Hijikata puts the smash away at the net.

19:13 , Matt Verri

Time to get up and running.

Peers and Hijikata to serve first. Andy has made it through the warm-up so we will consider it a firm success.

Here we go!

19:08 , Matt Verri

Centre Court rises as Team Murray walk out side-by-side, Peers and Hijikata just behind them.

Massive ovation as Andy and Jamie walk out for the toss - swat of the racquet suggests Andy has already had enough of the applause.

19:05 , Matt Verri

Three minutes behind schedule.

Andy and Jamie building the suspense for their arrival...

Biggest stage for Team Murray

18:57 , Matt Verri

Here’s a stat for you, from BBC Sport.

This is the first time a first round men’s doubles match has been put on Centre Court since 1995.

I’m fairly confident it will be worth the 29-year wait...

Over on Court One...

18:51 , Matt Verri

We’ve had a couple of all-British showdowns today.

Harriet Dart came out on top in the first of them, beating Katie Boulter in a dramatic three-set clash.

And the second match is still going on, between Jack Draper and Cam Norrie.

Norrie has taken the first two sets, and just broken when Draper was serving to take it to a fourth. It’s 5-5 in the third set.

 (John Walton/PA Wire)
(John Walton/PA Wire)

Not long to go

18:45 , Matt Verri

Everything as exact as ever at Wimbledon.

Players will be out on Centre Court at 7:02pm - just under 20 minutes from now.

Will be near enough packed by then, going to by some reception for the players... and one in particular.

"Try to enjoy it"

18:38 , Matt Verri

That was one piece of advice Andy Murray would want to give to his younger self.

Don’t often get the impression he’s loving live on court, but have to imagine he’ll do everything possible to just try and take in these final Wimbledon matches.

Going to be emotional...

It's Murray time!

18:32 , Matt Verri

Swiatek has wrapped up victory on Centre Court, 6-4 6-3 over Martic.

You know what that means...

The Murray brothers are up next!

Jamie Murray up against familiar face

18:26 , Matt Verri

Jamie Murray reached the men’s doubles final at Wimbledon in 2015, falling just short of winning the title.

His partner? John Peers, who will be on the other side of the net this evening.

Not many surprises between those two...

Earlier today...

18:17 , Matt Verri

British no13 Jacob Fearnley produced an excellent display to take a set off Novak Djokovic in a high-quality second-round defeat to the seven-time Wimbledon champion.

The Edinburgh-born right-hander followed in the footsteps of compatriot Andy Murray by being able to take on Djokovic on Centre Court to continue his dream debut week at the Championships.

While Fearnley bowed out after a 6-3 6-4 5-7 7-5 loss, the 22-year-old made the most of the occasion.

He hit 42 winners, many from his rocket of a backhand, to give the home crowd plenty to shout about in a contest which lasted exactly three hours.

Read more on that here!

 (Mike Egerton/PA Wire)
(Mike Egerton/PA Wire)

Raducanu: Honour to play with Murray

18:08 , Matt Verri

Fair to say Emma Raducanu had no doubts when it came to replying to Andy Murray’s request to partner up in the mixed doubles.

“I got asked, literally like 10 seconds, I was like, ‘Yeah’,” Raducanu explained.

“For me, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I think some things arebigger than just tennis. I think some things are a once-in-a-lifetime memory that you're going to have for the rest of your life.

“To play at Wimbledon with Andy Murray, those things don't come by [often]. At the end of my life, at the end of my career when I'm like 70 years old, I know I'm going to have that memory of playing Wimbledon with Andy Murray on a home slam.

“For me, yeah, it was an honor to be asked.”

Centre Court update

17:59 , Matt Verri

Iga Swiatek has taken the first set on Centre.

She leads 6-4 1-0 against Martic, world number one looking good to ease into the third round.

Reminder that the Murray brothers, and Peers and Hijikata, will take centre stage following the conclusion of that match.

Might not be too much longer to wait.

Murray extends Wimbledon farewell

17:52 , Matt Verri

Andy Murray will play mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu at Wimbledon to prolong his farewell at the All England Club.

Murray failed in his bid to be fit in time to play in the singles competition, pulling out on Tuesday morning ahead of facing Tomas Machac on Centre Court in round one.

But he practised for an hour-and-a-half with brother Jamie at Aorangi Park on Tuesday and they will play in the men’s doubles together.

Now Murray Jr will pair up with Raducanu in the mixed event to give fans at the All England Club more opportunity to say goodbye to the two-time singles champion.

The all-British mixed doubles pairing have received a wildcard from the tournament in order to compete.

Murray texted Raducanu at 9pm on Tuesday to ask if she wanted to play with him and replied quickly to say, “yes, let’s do it”.

“It should be fun,” he said. “Last time I played [mixed doubles] with Serena and I really enjoyed it. It’s something we rarely get to do it. It’s the last chance to do it.”

For Raducanu, it is a rare foray into doubles and Murray added: “She’s unbelievably competitive and likes playing on the big stadiums with crowds. I expect she’ll deal with that really well. I’ve always enjoyed the mixed doubles so I think it will be good.”


Team Murray next up

17:42 , Matt Verri

We don’t have an exact start time for this one.

It’s the third match on Centre Court, following Iga Swiatek’s clash with Petra Martic.

That match is still on serve in the opening set, so have to think we’re at least an hour away from the Murray brothers walking out onto Centre Court.

How to watch this match

17:33 , Matt Verri

TV channel: As ever, can’t just stay on one channel.

BBC One has coverage running through to 6pm. This match will get underway after that, so will be shown on BBC Two, but is likely to move to BBC One at 7pm.

Live stream: This match, as well as tennis from across the courts at Wimbledon, can be followed live online via the BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport website.

Live blog: Even better - we’ve got you covered here.

Good evening!

17:25 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Andy Murray and Jamie Murray’s doubles match against John Peers and Rinky Hijikata.

It is the start of Andy’s Wimbledon farewell, after he missed out on the chance of a singles swansong.

Playing alongside his brother, on Centre Court... it’s a decent consolation prize.

We’ll have all the build-up and then full coverage of the match right here. Stick with us.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)