Man in skirt returns Clijsters serve at Wimbledon

The most surreal moment of the Wimbledon Day 12 came on Court Three during Kim Clijsters' doubles match with Rennae Stubbs in the ladies invitation event against Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger.

With Clijsters and Stubbs a set up and the score 4-4 in the second set, the Belgian asked her partner where to place her next serve.

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A voice from the crowd shouted "to the body".

The man frmo the crowd had his time in the sun. Pic: Youtube/Wimbledon

Clijsters then invited the man onto the court, to great applause from the crowd to see if he could put his money where his mouth was.

The gentleman did not back down, borrowed a racquet and took to the hallowed turf.

Clijsters lends the man a skirt. Pic: Youtube/Wimbledon

Clijsters, realising his green shirt went against the all-white clothing restrictions of the All-England club, lent him a spare skirt which he squeezed into.

Clijsters found it all extremely funny. Pic: Youtube/Wimbledon

He then managed to get the serve back but failed on his return, to much hilarity from the stands.