Williams needed to hit "rock bottom" to rise up again

Jack Cozens

Williams endured its worst season in F1, with it only coming away with one point from the 21 races run - with that 10th-place finish for Robet Kubica in Germany only coming after the Alfa Romeos were hit with post-race time penalties.

The team’s year was beset with problems from the off, with it beginning pre-season testing late due to a build issue with its car.

Speaking to Motorsport.com about the team’s troubled year, Williams said: “It can't happen again.

“You’ve got to sometimes hit rock bottom to know what your issues are because otherwise you just… sometimes you just go through these situations and you can get to where you need to get to by the skin of your teeth.

“But you actually need to understand what's going on in your system to make sure that you're not just getting somewhere by the skin of your teeth and you've got to have a plan and a proper process.”

Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal, Williams Racing

Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal, Williams Racing Simon Galloway / Motorsport Images

Simon Galloway / Motorsport Images