Wild Cards’ Vanessa Morgan Explains What That Finale Reveal Could Mean for ‘Very Likely’ Season 2

If you just finished the season finale of The CW’s Wild Cards, we’ve got some good news: There’s more on the way, at least according to star Vanessa Morgan, who tells TVLine that it’s “very likely” we’ll be getting another season of the comedic procedural.

“We’re still waiting for that greenlight, but I’ve heard that it’s happening,” she says. “I’d love to have the official word so I can plan my life a little bit, but I’m pretty positive.”

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And the finale certainly gave viewers plenty to think about while they wait to see what’s next for Max and Ellis. Here’s a quick recap of the season’s final hour: Max coerced the authorities into helping her swipe a $33 million egg from her estranged husband (!) Olivier, who also happens to be the man responsible for landing Max’s father behind bars. (By the way, Morgan says she was “just as shocked as everyone else” when we learned that Max has a husband.)

The team successfully exposed and captured Olivier, earning Max her freedom, Ellis his old job back and Max’s father a lesser prison sentence. And they all lived happily ever after, right? Well, actually… It was then revealed that Max and Ricky have been eyeing Olivier’s incriminating egg for months, and they were fully prepared to skip town after swapping it out with a fake.

But “lying is no way to say goodbye,” so Max paid one last visit to Ellis’ houseboat to share some information she and Ricky received about his brother… they know who killed him! As for the identity of Ellis’ brother’s killer, Morgan has one prevailing theory — and she really wants to be right.

“I hope it’s Curtis Moorfield, the basketball player we met in Episode 2, because that would bring my boyfriend back to set,” Morgan says of the character played by her real-life boyfriend James Karnik. “I was like, ‘Babe, if you were the killer, you’d come back and be with me!”

In the meantime, fans of Max and Ellis’ will they/won’t they dynamic should appreciate Morgan’s thoughts on where the duo now stands: “Max does genuinely care about him,” she says. “The fact that she even went back [proves that]. She was supposed to be on a plane. She could have been halfway around the world by then. But she came back to tell him who killed his brother. A person with no feelings for someone wouldn’t risk their life and risk getting arrested to tell that information. So we’ll see what happens.”

Who do you think killed Ellis’ brother? And what did you make of that first season finale? Grade the show in our polls below, then drop a comment with your review of Season 1 (plus your best theories).

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