Why this dashcam owner is being slammed for sharing crash footage

A Melbourne driver’s attempt to shame someone else for a crash has backfired with people blaming him for the prang.

Video uploaded to Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia shows the driver entering an intersection at Princess Highway and Warrigal Road in Oakleigh on January 4.

The traffic lights at the intersection aren’t running and instead flashing yellow.

A car is filmed crashing at the intersection of Princess Highway and Warrigal Road in Oakleigh.
The red car clips another as it enters an intersection in Melbourne. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

The driver goes through but as they pass the lights, a red car clips them forcing the car to spin out.

Dashcam owner blamed for crash

On Facebook, people blamed the dashcam owner for how they handled driving through the intersection.

“Why didn't he slow down to check the intersection properly because the lights were out?” one man wrote.

“Clearly the guy who is approaching the lights is in the wrong,” another man added.

Others said the driver should have reduced his speed and it was fortunate no one was killed.

“What amazes me is this moron actually posted this,” one man wrote.

Under Australian road rules, if traffic lights are out drivers should give way to the right or follow the T-intersection rule if it is applicable.

A T-intersection is one where a road ends and enters another one. In this case, unless signed otherwise, traffic on the road ending has to give way to vehicles using the other one.

A t-intersection is pictured.
A T-intersection where car A has to give way to car B unless signed otherwise. Source: NSW RMS

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