Why Spatula Size Matters When You're Flipping Burgers

Burger patty on spatula
Burger patty on spatula - Grandriver/Getty Images

If you're fan of grilling, then you've probably worked hard to master that perfect burger: seared on the outside and juicy in the center. But one caveat to grilling your best burger is making sure you flip it perfectly, too. Otherwise, it could end up all out of shape, with remnants remaining on the grill after you lift it. Burgers have a way of letting you know when they're ready to be flipped; they should loosen up pretty easily from the grill top. If you're having trouble getting underneath the patty but are certain it's ready to flip, then your spatula could be to blame. Make sure you're using a spatula with a surface large enough to get underneath the whole burger.

A spatula's width is only one element of choosing the proper cooking utensil; it's thickness matters, too. The thinner the spatula, the easier time you'll have flipping that burger while keeping it totally intact.

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How To Choose The Right Spatula For Flipping Burgers

Spatula under burger patty
Spatula under burger patty - Fusionstudio/Shutterstock

A wide spatula will certainly make your life easier because it can support the whole patty, but the reason you want the thinnest spatula possible is so that you can get underneath the burger without having to lift it up too much. That's because as you put the spatula under the patty, part of it will lift while the other part remains on the grill; this could cause breakage if there is too much of an angle. A super thin spatula ensures all parts of the patty stay as close to the grill top as possible until the spatula is secured underneath; then, the whole burger can be lifted up and flipped without a ton of shimmying.

If you can't find an ultra-thin spatula, try seeking out a fish spatula instead. Not only is it the ideal thinness for fish, but fish spatulas are perfect for other foods, too -- including burgers. They tend to be more bendable than regular spatulas, which will help you get under the burger with ease. This would work best for smaller patties, though, because these spatulas do tend to be slightly narrower than a traditional spatula.

Other Tips To Make The Picture-Perfect Burger

Burger on wooden board
Burger on wooden board - Marko Jan/Getty Images

Keeping the patty intact is important, but if you do suffer some breakage while flipping, it't not the end of the world. Since the burger isn't cooked through yet, just use the spatula to reshape it after you flip it, and it will look as good as new -- especially when it's between the bun and covered in toppings.

If you find that you're trying to flip the patty and it's getting stuck to the grill top, this usually means the exterior doesn't have the crust you're probably looking for; wait a minute or two, then try again, and you'll notice it's perfectly crisp when it's ready to flip.

Another way to make those burgers look perfect is to ensure the patties are all the same size and shape. Take a large lid from any household jar, and use it to shape the patties; this keeps them all just the right size and helps you measure their thickness, which means every burger will look just the same.

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