Why Some Prefer Old-Fashioned Thermoses To Temperature Control Mugs

Pouring coffee into a thermos
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Believe it or not, there are several scientific theories explaining why you don't like room-temperature coffee. One of them may be as upsetting as it is surprising. According to a theory proposed on LiveScience, hotter temperatures distract us from strong flavors. The same phenomenon is believed to occur with colder temperatures. It is only when foods and beverages are at room temperature that the brain can focus on flavor with no distractions. If you crave your coffee hot or cold, it could be because you don't like the way it tastes.

Rather than debate the validity of that theory, the important takeaway is that many people enjoy their coffee when it is extra hot. Currently, there are two common ways to keep your favorite beverage at the temperature you desire. You can use an old-fashioned thermos or a smart mug. However, not everyone agrees that high-tech is the best way to go. When you break it down, you might realize thermoses have a few advantages over temperature control mugs.

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The Pros Of Keeping Your Coffee Warm In A Thermos

Hiking thermos
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Newer is not always better. Often, it is just an option. The consumer has to weigh the good against the bad to decide which kind of product is best for their individual needs. For keeping your coffee warm, there are some definite advantages to staying with an old-fashioned tried-and-true solution.

For example, if the budget is a primary concern, old-fashioned thermoses only cost a fraction of what you might spend on a coffee mug that lets you set and control the temperature using your phone. Also, whereas a smart mug might only be able to keep your coffee hot for about 90 minutes, a quality thermos can keep your beverage warm for up to 12 hours. And when you're ready to move from your office to your car, a thermos is much more suitable for on-the-go situations than a mug.

Advantages Of Temperature Control Mugs

Ember mug
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On the other hand, technology has its upside. A smart mug has its share of benefits, too. For instance, your coffee is at its hottest right after you pour it. Every time you open the lid to take a sip, the temperature diminishes slightly. However, a smart mug can keep your coffee at a precise temperature. If you like your coffee at 132 degrees, that's the temperature your coffee will be until the battery runs out. Then again, you may be able to sustain that temperature indefinitely if your smart mug comes with a warming plate. Plus, some models feature a lid that lets you take them on the road with you.

In the end, it's a balancing act. To get a product that satisfies, you must know what you want and look for something that checks all the boxes on your most desirable features list.

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