Why is Olivia not in Sex Education season 4?

sex education olivia simone ashley season 4
Why is Olivia not in Sex Education season 4?Netflix

Sex Education is almost back for its fourth and final season, and we're saying goodbye to Otis, Eric, Maeve, Aimee and the rest of Moordale.

This series, our favourite students head off to a new college after their school closed down in season three, but we have one question, will Olivia be back?

Played by Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley, we’re wondering if we’ll see her ditch her Regency-era gowns to join Ruby, Otis and the rest of the students as they go to college. But, here is why Olivia won’t be in season four.

Will Olivia be in Sex Education season four?

Simone played Olivia Hanan on Sex Education, a member of the popular friendship group dubbed ‘The Untouchables’ at Moordale Secondary, alongside Ruby (played by Mimi Keene) and Anwar (Chaneil Kular).

But, when asked about the future of her role during an appearance on ITV’s This Morning last April, she revealed that she would be leaving the show. Cries!

"I get asked that all the time. No, I'm a Bridgerton girl now," she said.

Simone played Kate Sharma in series two of Bridgerton and has already confirmed that we'll see her return in series three (which we hope is soon, Netflix!).

"I’m so excited to step into season three with Johnny [Jonathan Bailey] and to continue Kate and Anthony’s love story,” Simone told Teen Vogue, sharing that the third season will focus on "post-marriage Kanthony." That’s Kate and Anthony’s ship name, BTW!

So, while we’re sad to say we won’t see Olivia in season four of Sex Education, we can’t wait for the next season of Bridgerton to meet Kate Sharma again.

Sex Education is streaming on Netflix now.

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