Why The Big Mozz Burger At Sheetz Remains A Beloved Staple

The Big Mozz melting cheese
The Big Mozz melting cheese - Twitter

If you're on a road trip and feel your stomach start to rumble, then gas station food can be a godsend. Whereas some gas stations only offer a choice of snacks like chips, prepackaged cakes, or candies, Sheetz has an assortment of hot-to-order food for its weary travelers. Ranked high among these offerings has to be a burger that many refer affectionately as The Big Mozz.

First things first, you shouldn't expect gourmet dining at a gas station, and this is true of Sheetz as well. However, if you're hungry, then this sandwich will get the job done. The burger's claim to fame is its fried mozzarella sticks on top, which provide a nice bread coating and cheesy goodness. In theory, that is. While Thrillist ranked the sandwich as the best Sheetz has to offer, some might criticize its mushy mozzarella and dry patty as foreboding signs. Yet, somehow despite taking issue with the sandwich's sloppy appearance, one review acknowledged that the item still works due to certain components of the flavor — sodium and seasoning in particular.

Sure, it's not pretty to look at, but compared to some gas station food, The Big Mozz doesn't seem so bad. In addition, it comes in two different varieties. You can either get a beef patty or a chicken sandwich to go with your mozzarella. /p>

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Fans Of The Big Mozz

fried mozzarella sticks on plate
fried mozzarella sticks on plate - heathenphotog/Shutterstock

The Big Mozz has garnered many fans who've visited Sheetz during their travels. In a Reddit post, fans shared their appreciation not only for the Big Mozz but also for Sheetz food in general. One person wrote, "Honestly, Sheetz shouldn't even be considered in the same tier as 'gas station food.' Everything is made to order and their menu selection is crazy." Meanwhile, another person wrote, "You had me a mozzarella stick." One traveler on Trip Advisor offered their own review of the sandwich. While they complained about the price, they had good things to say, writing, "I love the Big Mozz chicken sandwich but they have so many other good eats too."

So why does the Big Mozz taste so good when it probably shouldn't? Why do we love gas station food in general? Perhaps, there's something comforting about the combo of a burger and mozzarella sticks — the bread, the cheese — that makes those commutes slightly better. It's also quick and convenient and easy to eat while driving. per sandwich. But, most are unlikely to care, splurging on an off-the-road meal.

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