Whoopi Goldberg asks her “View” cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin if she's pregnant on air: 'I just got a vibe'

Whoopi Goldberg asks her “View” cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin if she's pregnant on air: 'I just got a vibe'

Whoopi Goldberg brought her very own Hot Topic to The View during Thursday's broadcast.

The panelists were in the middle of a discussion about Utah senator Mitt Romney's recent retirement announcement when Goldberg, 67, paused to ask cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, if she was pregnant live on air.

"No! Oh my god. No," a clearly shocked Griffin replied, lurching backward and placing her hand over her heart at the suggestion. She then covered her face with her hands and laughed as the audience began to cheer.

"You can't say that when my mother-in-law is here who's been dying for me to get pregnant!" Griffin shouted, pointing out into the audience. "Why? Do I look pregnant?"

"Yes!" Goldberg answered. "I just got a vibe."

'The View'
'The View'

'The View'

"Please say it's not my tummy!" a blushing Griffin jokingly fired back, leading Goldberg to quickly apologize for her comment. Sunny Hostin, however, interjected to pose another question: "Can we take bets at the table?"

"I'm very open to being pregnant soon," Griffin, who tied the knot with husband Justin Griffin in 2021, acknowledged. "I am not blessed to be pregnant yet. My husband and I are thinking about it."

When pressed by cohost Sara Haines if she was positive that she wasn't pregnant, Griffin said she was "pretty sure" that she and her husband weren't expecting just yet. "They're working on it!" Haines added, before pointing to Griffin's mother-in-law. "Sorry, earmuffs!"

Goldberg apologized again for her sudden outburst. "Forgive me. I'm just ... you have this... I see a glow."

But Griffin didn't seem to take Goldberg's comment to heart. "I will take it," she responded. "I'll take a test when I get home just to be sure."

Hostin then took a moment to note that "we like babies at The View," while Haines suggested that Griffin pay tribute to the televised moment should she and her husband ever do decide to welcome a child together. "Your firstborn will be named Whoopi," she joked.

"Don't do that to the baby," Goldberg replied. "Please forgive me, that was rude."

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