West Ham 3-2 Nottingham Forest: What Moyes said

West Ham boss David Moyes speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "I was thrilled with the opening couple of minutes and I was certainly thrilled when I heard the final whistle as well. In between it, there was a lot of good things, some not so good but in the Premier League you have to take your wins when you get them. Today was a good win. We had a 1-0 win here on Thursday night against Olympiakos and now a victory today.

"It's really difficult to win Thursday, Sunday football in the Premier League with the level of opposition you've got to play on a Sunday. We've done that for two seasons now so I'd like to say we were getting good at it and getting used to it but it's the quality and sometimes that's why you're having to change your players but I just think the two day recovery is really tough on the players but today it didn't show.

"We got stronger as the game went on after they made it 2-1, we probably got better in that period of the game, we made three of four big chances, we didn't quite get them but in the end we had a world class set-piece taker who probably got us out of trouble.

On James Ward-Prowse's impact this season: "Huge would be an understatement but I think if I was James I would be disappointed that he hadn't had 15 or 16 assists by now because of the quality of the ball. Today we got on the end of a couple. In recent weeks we looked as if we dried up, I thought where were we getting our goals from corners from but today we did."

On the international break: "I think all managers now quite enjoy the international break because it gives them a little bit of time but you really only enjoy it if you win. It's not easy to sit on defeats and there will be a lot of managers who feel that way every weekend, that's what happens."