Would a year at Wembley 'be worth it' for Man Utd?

Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium

ESPN's Mark Ogden spoke to BBC Radio Manchester about possible solutions for upgrading Manchester United's stadium.

He suggested the club might have to spend a season at Wembley while development took place at Old Trafford - and tried his best to sell the idea to reluctant supporters: "It might be the only option for 12 months but I think for the long-term gain, it would be worth the short-term pain of a year away from Manchester to play the games.

"If the club were prepared to put fans on a coach every other week to Wembley, for one year of disruption so that for the next 100 years they had a world-class stadium, maybe the best in the world, then most United fans would take that.

"The club would have to subsidise them to go there. They couldn't expect the fans from the north of England to travel to Wembley at their own expense - that wouldn't be fair.

"Ultimately they might decide to rebuild Old Trafford as it is. There are plenty of options on the table, but they will have to spend some money."

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