Week 8 Fantasy Football Bad Beats: When the defense gives it up

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
·1-min read

Did you suffer a crushing loss in Week 8, by way of a last-second defeat or a blowout?

Well, we here at Yahoo Fantasy are here for you, yet again, and always. We want to know all about it (so we can laugh at you) so we can help you get through it. Judge Andy Behrens can assist you through these troubled times, in Week 8 and every week of the 2020 fantasy football season.

Speaking of Week 8, this week’s Bad Beat goes to a player who was on his way to a nice albeit tight Week 8 victory — until the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense — which had played so well all night long — buckled on a touchdown pass to Golden Tate with less than a minute left.

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Our honorable mention this week goes to a player who walked us through exactly how he ended up losing by a minuscule .02 points ...

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